Thursday, September 04, 2008


MMMM....... I am still thinking about dinner last night. When I talked to Superboy about what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he said he wanted to make butter chicken and naan bread. I had to ask if he would let me help him! My boy loves to cook, and this has really increased his 'foods he will eat' repetoire. So in the afternoon we made up the naan bread dough, he learned to clarify butter and made his first yeast bread.
While the dough was rising and the rice was soaking, he and I went for coffee and waited for Dad's carpool to drop him off at the Second Cup. We got home just in time for Superboy to roll out the bread and throw it in the oven.
We had no chicken, so I made coconut curried shrimp. The sauce was so very yummy, the whole house smelled amazing. I am a throw a bunch of stuff together and see what happens kind of cook. So I sauteed some onions, a bit of garlic and ginger in butter, added 2c. of coconut cream, curry, five spice powder, a broken cinnamon stick and the shrimp to simmer.
I have to say that it was one of the best meals I have made in months. I don't even like shrimp. And Superboy's naan bread was delicious. Even my pickiest eater asked if we could have the same meal again tonight. For dessert we had my family's traditional black forest cake, yum-MY!

I am so hungry all of a sudden, time to scrounge up some breakfast. Too bad there aren't any leftovers...


  1. YUMMY!! And -- Happy Birthday to your son! 11 is a great age! I'm guessing the newest addition has not made here yet!

  2. I haven't had your family's traditional black forest cake is oh so long. I miss it.

    I know I haven't commented in a while but I've been reading your blog everyday. I guess I'm kind of a lurker.

    I can't wait until the new little guys is born so I can see pics.

    Well I better get back to work. Talk to you soon.

  3. what is naan bread?
    what is butter chicken?

  4. Oh golly that sounds good. My husband would be all over that curry shrimp. YUM is right! : )

    Glad Superboy had a good birthday dinner.

  5. @Lainey, it is Indian food. Naan is flat round, yeast bread, great for dipping in yummy curry sauces and for cooling the mouth from the spices.

  6. That sounds wonderful! And it's so great that you have a little chef on your hands!

  7. seriously, you at THE BEST cook I know! How cool that he's taking after you:)

    I'm so hungry right now and have to come up with Maddy's birthday dinner. Somehow I dont' think she'd feel so great about the one you guys had...sigh! Off to make plain pasta with butter and parm cheese ;-)

    Love ya!

    Oh and come on out baby Ra! We wanna meet you irl!

  8. babies should only kick the crap out of their mama's when they DON'T get cake, not when they DO get cake. maybe it was for MORE cake.

  9. You know, you should really come hang out at my house...and cook for me! Naan bread? You made NAAN BREAD! Go girl! I'm sure birthday boy really appreciated both the meal and the cooking of it! :)

  10. Oh, I love shrimp and it sounds yummy - all of it!

    Hope you are well - see you soon - Kellan

  11. Oh MAN!!! That sounds so good! Where's that baby?

  12. Mmm, I love anything with curry! Sounds good!

    Hope all is well with you! Can't wait for baby news!!