Monday, September 22, 2008

The terrible, rotten, no good, horrible, very bad day.

I am having one of those days. One of those days where I have been trying really hard to not burst into tears every 5 minutes and not always succeeding. One of those days where I would like to crawl into my bed and pull the covers over my head and stay there for 36 hours. One of those days where I would gladly run away from home. Temporarily. Like until the kids are all grown.

Not really, I would hate to miss a single moment, except maybe this exact one.
Baby slept almost all night, he only woke up once between 10pm and 6 am. I only slept for about 1 of those hours. I have no idea why, but I spent the entire night laying there awaiting his waking, listening to his breathing, smelling his wonderful baby smell.

I am really tired.

I have been sleeping like that ever since baby Zed arrived. He, on the other hand, sleeps pretty well for an almost 2 week old baby. He only wakes once or twice a night. I have had an eye piercing headache every afternoon and evening, rendering me almost completely useless. If I manage a nap in the afternoon, I can almost keep the headache at bay.

So today, due to lack of sleep and head pain, I am not coping all that well. My Superboy is pulling his usual, spend all day avoiding actually doing anything mom asks of him. Literally going on 10 hours of not doing math. All while managing to pick at and antagonize all of his siblings. His extremely whiny and grumpy siblings. Who have been fighting all day anyway.

Girly and Monkey have been whiny and bickering all day. Every time I get baby to sleep, they come and crawl over him and knock him with their elbows or books or whatever. The screaming doesn't usually disturb him, but the constant bumping tends to make sleep difficult.

Thankfully, my 13 year old is really growing up. He keeps himself apart from all the fuss and does his work quickly and without nagging. He has been a real blessing to me, even if he is now taller than me!

On the plus side, I am physically healing quite well, I feel pretty good over all. Girly and Monkey have not come into our bed for 2 nights either. That is a major bonus! It has been pretty crowded in our bed lately with 3 kids under 5 vying for mommy cuddles.

And we had a lovely weekend. We had Superboy's birthday party on Friday night, so he was elated. On Saturday he got to go to a friends party all afternoon. Daddy took the littles to the pool with The Boy's help, and Zed and I went window shopping. Then we all went for dinner on Daddy's company. He got a dinner at the Keg as a bonus from them and we enjoyed a yummy night out. The kids behaved amazingly well, even receiving compliments from other diners. On Sunday we went to church for Zed's debut, where a new baby gets more attention than a rock star!

Hmm... no wonder I am a bit tired, that was a full weekend.

So, really we are doing pretty well, even if I am completely overwhelmed at the moment. We will all find our stride I guess. I think tomorrow I will try and give the littles some extra attention and let Daddy deal with school. I will hand out the assignments and offer assistance, then let Daddy make sure it gets done.

And tonight, I am just praying I get some sleep. Then I can cope with anything.
And I will snuggle with his royal cuteness...


  1. Oh my goodness look a that sweet, squishy baby face!

    Makes it all worth your while, no?

    Prayers that you get some rest and routine soon! : )

  2. Sending you lots and lots of sleep vibes and bloggy-hugs. I went through the same thing with my last baby - I hope it passes for you...Mommys need their sleep.

    Everyone will just takes time.

    I want to hug that beautiful little boy of yours! He is gorgeous!

  3. Another gorgeaous picture of that beautiful baby boy! I hope you are reading this today well rested and headache free!

  4. Glad to hear Zed is adjusting well- but you need to get your rest too. If you have time, try a nice warm bath before bed time. Maybe that will help you relax

    Love that cute little face

  5. Oh, but that face...
    Let your husband do lots more. I hope today and each day gets a little easier.

  6. I had the SAME problem when Alex finally started to sleep at night! Insomnia! Trust me, I know how hard sleep deprivation is, and I hope that you're able to relax yourself enough to sleep. Then the world will seem a little less hard to manage.


    (I totally want to smootch that baby)

  7. Zed is precious!! I'm sorry that you aren't sleeping well, and hope that you're able to really zonk out this evening.