Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Phew, better.

Today is already a better day.

I had a good cry last night and vented at my hubby. Then I managed to actually get some sleep in between nursings!

This morning, hubby decided to go in late and give me a hand. My dad is coming in this afternoon to stay overnight and I was totally stressing about the house. Brent got up and vacuumed as I nursed baby Zed and fell back asleep. My darling hubby also got the little kids up and fed, and the big boys up and doing their math.

When I got up, I could still hear the vacuum, so I left Zed in bed and had a shower. So wonderful, I didn't even make it into the shower at all yesterday. I came downstairs and everyone was happy and fed and the boys were almost done their math! I have a terrific and understanding hubby and thankfully he has an understanding boss. Brent called in and told them that I had a rough night and needed a hand this morning and they told him to come in when he was ready. They are terrific there, really family friendly.

It is funny that when Brent was self-employed he could never do that, but now as an employee he has a bit of leeway.

So Superboy is proud of himself, all done math by 9:30, we have even done a few other subjects now. The Boy played a board game with the littles for a while and now they are happily ensconced with the tv for an hour while I work with the big boys.

Yippee!! We actually did some real school today! And it is only 11 am. I have a roast in the slow cooker for supper and now I just need to tidy up the house, fold laundry and make up the bed for my dad before leaving for the airport to get him at 2:30/3pm. Oh and dress 5 kids and get them out the door with me.

It is amazing what one good day does for my outlook, especially with clean floors and bathrooms, that my hubby made happen!

Thank you guys for your support, I am reading about your lives in my reader, but not finding much time to visit and comment right now. I am thinking of you all though.
Here is my babe in a new outfit from Auntie Shay, thanks for enjoying him with me.


  1. Sounds like a great start to your day Kristen...Hope all goes well for dressing and getting out to pick up your day at the airport...=P

    Going to bookmark your blog again so I can check in daily....=)

    Hugs to you for being such a great Mighty Morphin Mama {cute name}!!!

  2. Awesome!
    I think God knows when we're kind of at the end. I'm so glad you got a catch up day:)
    Hugs. Miss ya.
    And he is darling in his new suit. How long did it last? My kids always did the big blow out poos when I put something new on them lol.

  3. I was just getting ready to comment on your other post...I'm so glad that this day is better! It is amazing what some sleep and a hubby helping out will do! Hugs to you....don't forget, it's early yet. Don't try to do to much. I know you feel like a pro, you have been through this many times, but savor it all too. You are still healing and need to take it easy. Kudos to the big boys for chipping in and helping out too!!

  4. I don't have anything like your excuse for not visiting lately, but YOU still managed to visit me, while I have just been a flaky friend. I am so sorry, Kristen! But I just got done reading all your posts since the last time I was here (before Zed was born) and I have to tell you that he is CUTE!!!! I'm glad you're having a better day today!

  5. So glad that you had a good day after that bad one. Sometimes, it's all you need to recharge your soul.

  6. Just reading about your days makes me SO tired! I can't imagine going back to that newborn stage again. Although, I know the rewards are tremendous...

    I'm glad today was better. Get some rest!!

  7. Yeah for Brent pitching in!! :)

    It is truly amazing what a little sleep, a nice relaxing shower & a husband doing some housework can do to your attitude & outlook on life! :)

    The pictures of "his royal cuteness" are too precious for words. Give him lots of kisses from us & lots of hugs to all the rest of the family, too! :)

  8. I'm so happy to read you are doing better!

  9. So glad you are doing better, and he is just TOO cute! I love both pics!

  10. Oh look at that sweety!! And that outfit is totally precious!

    Glad you had a better day and that your hus was able to help you out.

  11. just got caught up! so sorry about your terrible day...and so glad about your better day.
    Hubby gets a gold star!!!!!!!

  12. I will never stop gushing over Zed's photos! He's sooo beautiful!

    I am glad that you are feeling better! Exhaustion with my little one is horrible and you have five! :) I gotta get my endurance up there! Productivity always makes me feel better, too! And kudos to the super nice employer!

  13. Hope today is just as good for you. As you know, those first few weeks are so hard on our emotions sometimes. Brent is awesome to pitch in that way!

    Baby Zed is so cute in that outfit! I can see the resemblance to your others in that last photo.

  14. Awww. He's adorable.

    I can't believe I missed his arrival--not much reading for me these day (unless it's a Bio textbook).


  15. What a face! That's some kid you've got there! Sorry I missed your horrible day. :( Those are Ben'n'Jerry days around here. I'd have sent Chubby Hubby wishes your way. :)