Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oh What a Night!

Dh and I were just getting ready for bed when I heard my 4 year old coughing and whimpering. He has had a cold since before Christmas and I had hoped it was going away, poor guy. I peeked in the door of his room just as he was coming out. The smell hit me just as he said, "I puked!" I took him immediately to the bathroom where his Dad was showering and undressed him and put him in the shower. While Daddy cleaned him up I went into his room and cleaned up his bed as quietly as I could as to not wake up my Girly sleeping 3 feet away. Thankfully he is in a toddler bed with a crib mattress so I could easily wipe it up and make the bed up fresh. I was pretty confident that he would not be sick again as I assumed he had just been coughing so hard that he threw up. I placed a 'just in case' bucket beside the bed and a glass of water and after some big cuddles and fresh jammies, we put our little boy back to bed.
Dh took the dirty bedding down to the washer and we crawled into bed just as the wretching started again. He was such a big boy, he was using the bucket, but it still went everywhere. I cleaned him up this time as Daddy gathered the bedding again, then the three of us tucked into our bed with bucket close at hand. We were just falling asleep when we heard more crying.
Our Girly was up. Daddy tried a few times to put her back to bed, but there was no way. So now we had 4 of us in our queen sized bed. 2 little ones who love to cuddle and kick and push. I balanced on one edge tucked around our sick little boy, while Daddy was smushed between two little sets of kicking feet and cuddling arms. At one point Girly had her arm under Daddy's neck, cuddling and holding him! So cute!
My little monkey boy was up puking a number of times, every time I would get close to sleep, he would sit bolt upright in bed and I would fall out of the bed grabbing for the bucket, placing it under his chin just in time. It was a very long night, but now it is over and my Boy seems to be doing alright. He has been laughing and playing all morning. Daddy and I are like zombies, and Daddy is a bit tender from the preschooler feet, but we are just happy that he is alright now and maybe we can sleep tonight.
Oh and we are praying hard that the stomach flu will flee our home never to return. Right now.

Oh, I told you about my resolution to take photos every day and I have started a blog to post those photos at Come and visit sometime:)


  1. Oh your poor little boy! I'm glad he is feeling better now. Today is probably going to be a long day for you all, with next to no sleep last night, eh? Hang in there! :)


  2. Oh poor baby! And poor you and daddy too! We have double beds for both kids, we're lucky to have the space, but it makes a huge difference when playing musical beds!

    I would love to make a fitness pact! E-mail me at

    Happy New Year! Sarah

  3. Poor little boy - I'm sorry to hear he was so sick. I hope he's doing much better today. I will go over and check out your photos and I'll see you soon. Kellan

  4. I feel your pain. The flu went through here for a few days this past week. 3 of the 5 of us had it, and I had a standard cold on top of it all. Good times...

    still catching up on the laundry...

  5. ooohh, I hope the little guy is feeling better, and that no one else gets sick!

  6. oh no! poor you! poor him!
    i hope no one else in your family gets it and you all are puke free! happy new year!

  7. Oh nasty!
    I hope all is well tonight. We've (knock on wood) avoided the plague so far this year.

    Hugs to Juju.

  8. Poor guy - hope he feels better soon!

  9. This hit our home during Halloween -- no fun at all! I was in the clear until just before Christmas that awful virus decided to hit me during our church's candlelight service. Ick!


  10. those nights are the hardest. We have definitely been there. Multiple trips to the laundry room, lots of cuddles.

  11. Oh, your poor little one! Hope he's better soon and no one else catches it. It's miserable!

    And I hear you on the bed issue. Occasionally mine pile in with us. It's torture when you have a king-sized bed and can't roll over.