Saturday, January 12, 2008

Anyone have an Ark?

This morning I was feeling a bit irritated at all the things in my house that need fixing or updating and how little progress is being made. I have been a wee bit grumpy about it actually. Like my bathroom sink. The drain is a bit sluggish. By a bit, I mean that when I washed my hands the sink almost completely filled.
A few moments ago my daughter came downstairs telling my something about water. I admit to being preoccupied and not listening very carefully. I took my tea cup to the kitchen and answered the phone when my dh called. I told him that she had been playing in water. He and the big boys came in the back door and I told them what needed to be done before we left for hockey in an hour and that I was going upstairs for a quick shower.
I went downstairs and got a towel and headed up to my bathroom. The water was running in my sink. I leapt across the room to the bathroom door to see exactly what I expected. Water running everywhere! All my things were sopping wet and the floor was covered in water. I started mopping up and screamed for more towels. Immediately after my husband answered my bellows, the Boy screamed that it was raining in his bedroom. (located directly under ours) Ugh. Good thing that we haven't got around to painting his room yet. About 20 towels later, I have most of the water mopped up and now we are running late for hockey.
Guess I should run, just had to vent for a second.
One plus, dh called his dad for advice on clearing the blockage in the sink. Maybe he will fix it today. Or next week?


  1. Yikes - not a great way to start the weekend. Hope it gets better.

  2. Girl, I've never had a leak like that and I would freak too, but I can soooo relate to how I HATE all the things that need fixed around here. And since they multiply much faster than hubby actually fixes anything, there are things that have needed fixed for years. Actually, I thik the fastest anything gets fixed around here is 6 months. That's the FASTEST. I'm so sorry about your leak, but it's usually things like that that light a fire under someone that lives in my house to do something about it!! I'm so glad your husband is home right now and you aren't dealing with his alone.

  3. oh that totally sucks!

    How nice for B. to have a little rain in his room - yikes!

    Maybe you need a road trip?!

  4. Oh that's awful! Poor you! Our basement flooded this week with all of the rain, and snow melting....but it's not finished and all our stuff was off the floor. I hope your dh gets right on it!

  5. Ugh. That sucks! We've had the occasional leakage in our house, too, but none worse than the one last fall, while we were far away in Norway. We are still in the process of discussing the damages with the insurance company.

    I betcha your hubster will have that drain fixed in no time now :)


  6. drain-O and a plunger.

    Good luck. I flooded the entire lower level of our house once. Not soak it up with towels flooded......but grab your flippers and snorkel flooded. It wasn't pretty.

  7. Hope you'll get it fixed soon. :)

  8. Ugh, I hope it got fixed for you this weekend!

  9. Oh - what a mess! I'm so sorry that happened. There is nothing worse (well, maybe fire) than a water leak or water damage - we've had our share and they are so destructive and so stressful. I hope you get it worked out soon. See you soon. Kellan

  10. agghhh...excuse the pun but when it rains it sounds like my house. Have some peace in knowing you are not alone and I so feel your pain!