Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year! and the last day

My little boy has long been awaiting 'the last day'. The last day of the year is his birthday, and he finally turned 4! He feels like four is a big boy and honestly, so do I. Yesterday he was so excited about every moment of his day and his joy was so contagious. We also wanted it to be a very special day for him, as his birthday could get lost in the midst of the holiday season if we let it.
But today I feel a bit wistful for 3. I love 3, they are discovering the world around them at hyper-speed and we get to observe some of what goes on in their tiny, adorable heads. But 4 is pretty amazing too and I can't wait to watch him growing every day and to enjoy 4 with him.
Papa and Auntie Angela and cousin Elizabeth came in on the evening of the 30th so they were all there yesterday morning to wish Juju a happy birthday. He got to play with his cousin and brothers and sister all day, we played air soccer on the mini table that Papa got him, and he got some time to enjoy his 'DS' (his leapster that Santa brought, he calls it his Nintendo DS like his brothers have). He wanted pizza and black forest cake for dinner, so I made a black forest cake for him and we had pizza along with spaghetti and meat balls for dinner.
After dinner we all bundled up and headed into a nearby community to watch their family New Year's fireworks. They have them at 8:30pm, early enough for our little kids to enjoy and not go to bed too late! I think we have found a new family tradition. Happy Birthday fireworks for my little Juju Monkey. I sang happy birthday to my little guy during the fireworks, but he was more interested in going back to the playground to play. Oh well, it was special for me:)
We went back home, had cake and put the little kids to bed before having a board game night with Papa and my big boys. A pretty perfect way to ring in the New Year.
Happy New Year to all, may this year be full of joy and blessings for you and yours.
Here is the birthday card I made for my boy, front cover and inside: Kit is Seeing stars by Weeds n Wildflowers



  1. That sounds like a pretty fabulous way to end 2007 and a fantastic way to start 2008!! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy - and ... keep your eyes wide open because the coming years are also a sight to behold!!! Happy New Year to you and your family. See you soon. Kellan

  2. That card is priceless and your monkey boy? Adorable! Glad he had an awesome birthday.

    Mine won't be 4 until November and I hope it passes slowly!

  3. Happy Birthday to our precious Judah!
    We miss you and love you so much!

  4. 4 seems to mark the passage from toddler to pre-schooler....it doesn't happen in a day, but somehow that number just solidifies it. Happy Birthday to your handsome boy. And great Christmas present!! Hurray!