Monday, August 06, 2012

Weekend Vacay

EEE! I am so excited! Today we get to pick up our 17 year old, aka The Boy, at the airport. He has been in Mexico for the past week or so, volunteering with some of his youth group at a mission.
I was more than a little emotional as I said goodbye to him last week, not so much because of his trip, (he had gone to the same mission last year) but because I wasn't going to be here to say goodbye to him and take him to the airport. But he made it away safely, with the help of some wonderful friends and now, thank God, is on his way back to us.
We weren't home last weekend because we were on a mini vacay to Lethbridge for the Alberta Summer Games. Our 14 year old earned a spot on the Edmonton Elite to play football for our city at the games. It was so thrilling to watch him go through the whole process and even more so to watch him play!
They won their first 2 games easily, then went up against their rivals in Calgary and lost 13 - zip. That was a hard loss, it meant that weren't going to go to the gold medal game. And, come on, it was to Calgary!
They came back strong on Sunday morning and came away with the bronze against zone 5, which is the cities surrounding ours. He will be going to high school in one of those communities, so we were really hoping that Edmonton would pull off the win!

We had a wonderful weekend, hanging out with our littler 4, watching Superboy and some of his friends compete in the games, cheering on one of them as he ran track and screaming ourselves hoarse at football. We stopped at a lake on the way home and splashed with the kids and just enjoyed their company. So thankful that we got to go and experience that with our boy.

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  1. Your oldest -- my youngest. Eli is going to be 17 in Nov and I can hardly bear it
    Two more years. I am lonely over all these grown up people I am related to