Monday, January 09, 2012


The kids have been playing outside in the front yard because the back is completely covered in ice. Today Dr. J was climbing the tree and throwing down the berries to Girly and Zed.
The preschooler has added wetting his pants to the screaming. Recently, he has gotten in the habit of holding his pee until the last second, where he is running around, screaming like his hair is on fire, before finally consenting to use the bathroom. Today, apparently, he has given up trying to use the toilet and just let it go in his pants. sigh. I took to rewarding him, with the gum he has been screaming for, when he finally peed on the toilet.
We started our schooling back up this week, the big guys did their online stuff last week, but I did math, LA, Bible and History with the younger kids today. It was nice to feel like we accomplished something.
The Boy had guitar lessons today and Brent received his certificate for the adult educator course he took before Christmas. Oh! And it is football registration for Superboy again tonight. phew!

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