Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today was pink and slow.

The kids and Brent are entering the Valentine's day Hair Massacure, to help kids with cancer and their families. The first step in this process was to dye everyone's hair pink. Even Zed did it, we only let Girly do one pink foil though. On the second day of February, they will all have their heads shaved. We are asking friends and family to donate on our page and hopefully the kids will have a bit of empathy with kids who lose their hair due to their treatments.
Unfortunately, I chickened out and am not getting my head shaved this year. And Girly isn't either, but the 4 big boys all pinked their hair and will be bald soon.


  1. Love love love this.
    Your kids will remember this always.
    I love how you consciously you guys live.
    Good to see you back too Missy

  2. Awesome!
    Love it.

    ...and happy valentine's day!