Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New, but not.

I was driving home from the airport this morning and was just overcome with my adoration of autumn. The colours made my heart sing. I love the new-oldness of fall. The year is getting to be middle-aged, but it takes on all this gorgeous shading and personality and light. I hope that I will be made newly beautiful as I age, resplendent with graciousness and radiating confidence and joy. My son keeps telling me that at 34.5 I am almost middle aged, so I hope to see some of these fruits soon. You know, stuff other than those random grey strands and crow's feet. I am sure not feeling that new right now...

I do have a new computer though. (how's that for an awkward segue?) It is actually my old laptop with my son's laptop screen. We both had broken laptops, (remember this!) so my dad put them together and now I have a working computer with an intact screen!
Joy of joys! The first thing I did was put Photoshop back on so that I can play with my pictures and scrapbook. I can't wait!

My favourite photo subject is snoring beside me, baby Zed has a bit of a cold and is thankfully taking an extra nap right now. Poor snurgelly guy. We went to take some fall photos in the river valley this past weekend and he has snoogies in every one. nice. What was really nice was that not one photo turned out because not one of my 5 angels were the least bit cooperative. sigh. Oh well, I guess I can just comfort myself with the knowledge that every photo shows who they really are. I will have to share them with you tomorrow, I hope they make you smile.


  1. I do love fall too. And is 35 middle age? Most of my family lives well past 70, so I think I still have 10 years or so until middle age..

  2. I actually feel quite confident that my 40's are going to be far more wonderful than my 30's! :) At least, I'm ready for the challenge!

    I love the fall too... even as it is bittersweet.

  3. I'm a fan of fall as well. We haven't done the outdoor pics yet this year, because Little Elvis and I have no fall clothing! We will hopefully be able to move this weekend and break out our warmer clothes.

  4. I was a fan of 30.
    31 sucks so far.
    I choose to just keep bein' 30.

    Baby Zed: hope he's feeling better soon!

  5. Happy Fall!! I hope baby Zed feels better very soon!! Hugs!!

  6. I love fall - my favorite season. It was just way too short this year. All this snow in October is going to make for one long winter. Hope Baby Zed is feeling better and you're all staying nice and warm :)

  7. I love the fall too...the colours!!!!

    Hope all is well. Have missed you.


  8. We don't get Fall at all here! We have hot and less hot! :) It's really nice, though right now so I can't complain a bit.

    Thanks for stopping by Morphin Mama! I keep you in my reader and do keep up with your blog and your beautiful family--Even though I'm seldom writing myself anymore--Hope to get back to it slowly. I sure do miss it sometimes!

  9. How sweet of them to point out that we're middle-aged! :)

  10. I have to get pics before the leaves all fall!!! Thanks for the reminder.

    You know, truth be told, I really do need to just stop and look, take it all in. If anything, the two little ones have taught me that it all goes by way too fast.