Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Already this morning, Baby Zed has said 2 new words. Naana for banana, and daa-er for diaper. He is a talker! He talks all day long, every day and when he is not talking he is singing. He brings us so much joy.
Of course there is the whole not sleeping through the night thing. I have only slept through the night a handful of times in the last 14 months. And it is taking a toll on me. I am a wee bit tired and my kids might say I am a bit grumpy. I can feel wrinkles growing on my face from exhaustion. And I have learned how to live on caffeine. Not something I aspired to, but a fact of my life none-the-less. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just Baby Zed who was night waking, but it is not. My 4 year old Girly and my 5.8 (he is very exacting about his age) year old Monkey are both still getting up at night occasionally. Most nights there are 2 kids trying to get in my bed around 3 or 4. sigh.
Regardless, I adore them and their sleepy cuddles. I have a hard time booting any of them back to their beds at night, which has probably compounded the problem. I am now trying to make myself get up and put them back to bed, or at least put myself in one of their beds!
I think this sleeplessness has something to do with the not blogging thing, I find it really hard to look at the computer screen or concentrate when my eyeballs are sandy and I have the brain pain (migraines). I have a million posts in my head, but they are not making their way to screen or paper. I may have even forgotten how to write...
I do adore you dear bloggy friends, I hope to see more of you. Sweet dreams all. I plan on taking a nap.


  1. Oh hon, I can only imagine how exhausted you must be. I'm tired and I'm just getting up with a baby for less than a month. I pray you can get the rest you need...

  2. I feel you with the exhaustion! It's hard to find your way back to blogging after taking such a long hiatus (I should know!) :)

    I've set a goal for one post per week (for now) and I'm hoping to at least stick to that--

    I'm glad to see you back, Mama! :)

  3. What a talker he is! How fun, I love when they start talking. Hope he starts sleeping better soon.
    My 2 1/2 year old has started waking up a lot recently and I'm really hoping it is just a short lived phase. Get some rest!

  4. Oh it's so fun to hear what they say and the way new words come out is just so precious.

    I hear you on the sleep thing - it's a beast! And murphy's law - just as the fog starts to clear, it usually sets in again.

    Blog when it's fun, leave it when it's too much work. And we'll be here to read whenever you feel like putting some thoughts down :)

    Hang in there, friend!

  5. Oh sweetie! I remember. If it give you any hope, I am finally sleeping through the night. I know it's not really encouraging because Amelia is also 5.8 (lol on that btw) but there it is. At least it's out there right?!

  6. It is so hard to put them back to bed, but so worth it in the end.

    Take a nap!

  7. I hope you got some rest. I'm thinking of you!! Hugs!!