Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time to be a Family

It is Tuesday after the May long weekend and I am watching the snow fall outside my window. I need to weed my garden, but it is too cold and snowy! It is 9:30 am and I have already been up for 4 hours, had breakfast and some quiet time, a cup of tea, a latte and driven to the airport and back. Baby Zed sang with me and the radio for most of the drive home and then he cried for the last 10 minutes. The singing was really cute.
My hubby has been home for exactly one week today, thank goodness. He has come along with me for my morning walks and we have stopped off for coffee on the way. I am enjoying getting reaquainted. It has been a busy time though, and we haven't really done any fun things with the family yet, maybe today we will go out.
On Thursday, we had a 14 cubic yard garbage bin delivered and we spent the weekend filling it with renovation rubbish and all the junk from our garage and basement. I had no idea that we had so much stuff! I wish I had taken before and after pictures, you would not have believed the messes. We have just been putting stuff away in those places while they waited for more permanent homes and then never got around to it. The dumpster is over-flowing and we have numerous bags and boxes of recycling at the curb and a bunch of things to take to the Goodwill and for freecycle.
My aunt came to the city to meet up with my Mom for a girls' weekend on Thursday. She spent all day Friday with us and we had such a nice visit. Girly would not leave her alone, she was Auntie's little shadow. On Sunday, Mom and Auntie came over for a lobster feast. Our neighbour owns a seafood shop and they had brought in a huge order of fresh, spring lobster and he gave us a sweet deal. Even I liked it and I don't like seafood! We had lobster and garlic butter and tons of bbq-roasted veggies, yum-my. I am going to make a veggie lasagna tonight with the leftovers.
Baby Zed is a completely different kid than when Daddy went away. He was 5 months old and barely sitting and belly crawling then. Now he is eight months and walking around and between the furniture, easily making the transitions between laying, sitting and standing. He is constantly climbing the stairs if allowed, we have to be ever-vigilant of the stair-gates. Oh! hang on...
He was eating playdough. yucky!
He has been saying, "Hi," and "Mom," for quite some time and this weekend he started with the yayaya, dadada, mumumumum, bababas. Love!
He is just so very anxious to be big and to follow his big brothers and sister. I am pretty sure that he will be walking by 9 months. He is already balancing quite well and is pretty impatient with not being able to keep up with the others. My last baby is growing up so very fast. Sigh...
I have been quite content with just being a family again this week, I haven't even thought about hanging out with friends or going out. But it looks like Brent will start a new job tomorrow, and even though it will be close by (30-45 minutes drive), he works 12-14 hour days and often 7 days a week, so we won't see much of him for a while. So we will get back in the swing of life without him around again far too quickly, so I will grab ahold of all the moments with him that I can.


  1. I'm so happy your husband is home and you are spending much needed family time together. enJOY your time. Blessings.

  2. MMM - I'm so pleased to hear you've had some nice family time! I love to hear of Baby Z's growth and development. And I'm jealous of that lobster - sounds absolutely divine!

    Blessings on you and yours :)

  3. So glad your husband is back and that you've gotten some time as a family.

    Baby Zed is growing up - WOW! It seems like he was just born, to me at least... : )

  4. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying time as a family right now. ((Hugs)) Baby Zed sounds so ADORABLE!

  5. What a lot you've been coping with on your own. I'm glad you get some normalcy and routine finally.