Saturday, May 09, 2009


He has not been home yet. Every day is supposed to be the day and then the day ends and still no hubby. I kept busy this week, spent some time with friends and in the few rays of sun that broke through the rain. But emotionally, I am exhausted and I feel like I have nothing left. I can`t even read a book, nothing makes any sense as I stare at the pages. I can`t do anything on the computer but stare at the screen. I am trying to build a website, but I can't make heads nor tails of anything.

I did enjoy trying out my new Mary Kay goodies and have given myself two new looks already and made over my girly a few times. She won't leave my stuff alone. Every day I find items from my room, usually cosmetics, hidden away in her room. She is a teensy girly mouse burrowing things away for a distant winter. teenage-hood.

I am going to bed, it has been a very long day and my throat hurts. My eldest had a sleepover last night (hate!) and they were all up all night. At 4:30 am, Baby Zed woke up and the boys were up and then at 7 the littles were up and so were the teens. Crazy. I hope we all sleep soundly and maybe tomorrow will bring my husband. Or at least some sunshine and smiles.


  1. If you'd ever like to risk a drive out for coffee with a complete stranger (lol) then I'd love to meet you and you'd be welcome to put your feet up and relax all day while I serve you food and drink all day and you rest :) The children can all play or hang out...I have children of similar ages so I'm sure I have things here to occupy them all ;)

    It would be nice to meet you!

  2. Happy Mother's Day darlin', I hope it brings you happiness. And your husband. (But maybe by this point almost any husband would do?)

  3. hahahaha sorry but I laughed out loud at that last comment ;)

  4. I know the feeling and I'm sorry. Anything I can do? Happy Mother's day, Momma. Somedays, getting through the day alive is a feat. Most days.

  5. I'm sorry....I'm so frustrated for you for whatever that is worth....!

  6. Oh. I'm sorry about the hubby. That would be a wonderful Mother's Day gift, I'm sure.
    When I was little I loved loved LOVED my mother's eyeliner pencils. I would draw freckles (usually gray or black) and hearts and all sorts of things on my face and then model them for her. Lots of fun for both of us, I guess.