Friday, April 04, 2014

Whole 30: Day 26 Check in

Well, I have not made any photo worthy meals today. And I am not 'feeling it' today. To be honest, I am beyond exhausted. In the last week I have slept very little. Last night I was in bed for 11 hours! Weirdly, I feel the worst today that I have all month. Between pms, lack of sleep, an extremely sore neck, foggy brain and a tummy that is not sure if it is getting the kids' tummy flu or not, I feel crappy.
The last thing I wanted to do this morning was to get up and have to cook breakfast. Give me a flippin' bowl of cereal already! I don't even really like cereal. But I made a quick omelette, but I ate it with a banana, bell pepper, water and a cup of tea.
I had more fruit and eggs for lunch. I know I am not supposed to eat a bunch of fruit. I feel like I cheated today. It is grocery day and my choices were limited, but I could have chosen some broccoli like I did yesterday. 
When my husband got home from work, I had a good cry. "I hate this. I though I would feel better by now, but I feel like crap. I am sick of feeling tired and having a sore head. And I am sick and tired of cooking all freaking day!" (after 20 some days of no migraines, I am on day 4 of this one.)
Anyhoo. Tomorrow is a new day. I ate some cashews while waiting for the kids' dinner (pizza) to cook. Between that and getting out with the family for a bit, I am feeling better. About everything. Plus, Brent helps with the cooking and groceries on the weekend. So YAY!

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