Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Front Row Seat

I posted one of Ezra's funny sayings on my facebook last night and this was my Mom's response:
"That brilliant little man, what wonderful role you have Kristen, you get to be surrounded everyday with the truisms, the growing sense of humor, the questions, the declarations of developing little geniuses. Where else on this globe could you find such a pivotal place in the progress of the world toward something better, greater and more inspiring. Have a wonderful day as you help create the future!!!!"
Where else, indeed? What a blessed woman I am, in such a wondrous place, surrounded by those I love best, adored and loved on. And what power I yield, to mold and shape and guide. I need to be always aware of that and careful as to how I use each moment. God, let me be your hands, your mouth, your love to these precious, small people that you have entrusted to my care.

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