Wednesday, July 25, 2012

4 Eyes

My little Sunshine is 21 months old and a complete ham. He keeps putting on these glasses frames and posing for me. I think he looks flipping adorable.
Just now, I caught him running around naked, holding his penis and saying, "psssss!" at everyone. Boys. He also loves to stop nursing, point his wee finger guns and me and make machine gun sounds.

Sunshine is also a mimic. He is constantly copying my intonations. I realize that I use a sing-song voice a lot and he is always mimicking my sounds and often the words too. Like the other day when he discovered my eyebrows! He stroked them and said, clear as day, "Eye-bow," in the exact tune that I had said it.

Lately, he has been saying my name just like a teenager, "Mo-om!" It is kinda cute, but a wee bit annoying when your toddler sounds irritated with you all the time.

My favourite thing about my almost 2 Sunshine are his hugs. He wraps his arms around my neck, settles his entire being into me and squeezes with all his might. He holds on for an extra long time, way longer than you expect for a toddler, making the embrace even sweeter. 

My Sunshine is full of energy, loves and mischief. He fills my life with sunlight and snuggles. Love!

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