Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Zed has had a language explosion in the last month or two. He has always spoken a lot, but he has had a very hard time making himself understood. I had to try really hard and I only got maybe half of what he was trying to say. I can't imagine how frustrating the last year or two has been for him. He has always been extremely verbal; he could use pronouns correctly before he was two; he could also construct complex sentences.

Finally, we can understand most of what he is saying. Sometimes it takes a little guessing, but he is doing so much better. And the things he has to say are pretty insightful and incredible. "Mama, what 'be careful' mean?" "Okay, I see..." he says when he gets his answers. So cute.

The one sad spot for me in his newfound verbal growth is that he has started calling me, "Mo-ee," (mommy) instead of my beloved, "Mama." Mama is by far, my favourite name.

Zed is also showing great interest in the written word. He knows a number of letters and what words or sounds they stand for. P is for Papa was his favourite. Then E is for Eppy, which is what he calls himself.
He now points to words that he finds and asks me, "Mama, what this word say?" and then I have to read it to him. He will sit with me and a book and point to the words and 'read' them. Or I will read and point and he will read along out loud, pointing as he goes. I have a feeling that he will be another early reader.

Baby Sunshine is also having a language explosion. He, at 1, already has a lot of words. He has names for all of us, plus he says 'brother'. He says hi and ball, up, asks 'what dat?', says wah wah (water), bo-uh (for cup or water bottle), and lots of other things that escape me at the moment. Apparently, he is continuing his trend of trying to keep up with his older siblings; sort of like when he walked by nine months. His favourite word is Be-uh, which is what he calls his big sister. She is the highlight of his life, the apple of his eye. She is his little momma and plays with him and caretakes him.

This week, we had a rash of tooth loss. Teeth were popping out all over the place. Dr. J is officially toothless. He has one giant front tooth and 4 missing around it. I do not know how he eats! Girly also lost 2 teeth. Our hapless and inept tooth fairy is officially broke. (inept because she is continually missing appointments and leaving teeth behind...)

Life with 6 children is full of explosions. Excitement and noise and messes and is often so fast-paced that you can get lost in the hectic pace and forget to be still in the eye of the hurricane and record, remember, have gratitude, be present and enjoy. Over the Christmas season, I want to be really deliberate in these things and let go of expectations and shoulds so that I can count it joy with my family. Part of that journey this year is celebrating Advent and doing a Jesse tree with my kids. This is the study we are using, it is technically missing a few days as advent is at its longest this year, but it will work for us.

Hope you are enjoying this time of preparation as we await the celebration of our most precious gift.

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