Monday, May 16, 2011


Oh my goodness! Spring has really and truly sprung! The sun has been shining and it was warm enough this week for the kids to want to run through the sprinkler. I even dug out my shorts... and revealed my pasty, Canadian legs to the world. (or at least the other soccer parents)
Our schedule has filled up again and our evenings feel a bit rushed, but we love watching the kids running about after the soccer ball. Brent is coaching Girly's U6 team on Monday nights, and Super Boy's Bantam football team on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Girly plays on M/W and Dr. J plays soccer on T/T, so there is a lot of running around to do, but lots of fresh air and laughs too. The weather has been warm and windy, the wind helping to ward of the killer swarms of mosquitoes that have been a plague this spring, and I feel as if spring has blossomed in me as well.
Winter in the Canadian North is interminably long.  I do pretty well until February and then I feel as if I am coming a bit unravelled. I slow down, I want to spend long afternoons curled in my bed with a book. I don't really want to bundle up my 6 children to take them out. I begin to resent mittens and gloves that never seem to be where they are supposed to be. I am sure there are mitten brownies that visit in the night and hide the darn things, permanently.

By April, I need the sun and the warmth and the ability to go outside without 30 extra pounds of clothing per child. I get a bit depressed and it takes until we start having 20 plus days and the flowers on the trees are blooming before I really start to feel like myself again. And now we are having a lovely May and my heart is warm and fuzzy again!

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