Monday, November 02, 2009

Sick day.

Well, the flu has hit my house for the second time this fall. My Monkey boy woke up this morning screaming. He had an awful bad dream and was coughing and screaming that he was covered in blood, and when I turned on the light I saw that he was. He just had a bleeding nose, but he was terrified. When I held him, his little body was on fire. So I put him into a tepid bath to wash off the blood and try to bring down his temp. He won't eat and I have to make him drink, he is just laying lethargically in my bed. Poor guy. Tylenol and fluids are the order of the day and maybe some cuddles and stories and movies.
I am just praying that everyone else stays healthy and that he is well soon.
I definitely don't mind slowing down for the week, staying home and tucking in. We are well into our fall schedule of ballet and soccer, swimming and youth groups, choir and YMCA programs, not to mention school. My house could really use some attention, and I wouldn't mind getting some quiet work done, like crocheting Zed's stocking that never got done or writing or scrapbooking.
So that is where you will find me this week. Tucked in with my babies. Administering soup and stories, Tylenol and snuggles. And saying a large number of prayers for the health of my kids and yours too.


  1. Poor little guy! I would be scared too! Hope he recovers quickly, and that everyone else stays healthy. My husband loves that Airborne stuff and says it really works.

  2. Hey MM! I'm so sorry your boy is sick. It's been hit or miss here, but not so bad. I hope the rest of you are spared, but that you enjoy your slowing down. :)

  3. Hope Monkey Boy feels better soon, and I reeeeallly hope that he doesn't get the rest of y'all sick!

  4. Hopefully the rest of you stay healthy! But, enjoy the quiet time.