Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Get Me Out of Here!

Well Monkey boy has spent the day annoying his brothers and sister, so apparently he is starting to feel better. He still has a fever of 101, but with acetaminophen on board he seems to feel okay. Girly and Baby Zed are both sick as well, today being baby's worst. I have a call into the doctor about him, because he seems to have a secondary infection. So far so good though. They seem to be going through their illness quite quickly and I hope they will all be better by the weekend.
Mama is a bit tired, but keeping her sense of humour about the whole thing. I thought that their little cups of meds lined up on the counter was kinda funny and they looked so cute when they are all sitting there with thermometers under their arms. Not so cute is Zed's pathetic, little cough. sigh.

The big boys are still healthy and bickering at the moment. They decided that we should give Nanowrimo a shot again this year. They are both pretty psyched about it, especially because all youth who meet their goal get a proof copy of their novel published. So cool! Can you imagine being 12 and passing around a book that you wrote! They are both keeping up with their word count goals. I have done exactly zero words today. I am avoiding it by blogging these lame-o paragraphs...

So far this week we have missed swimming and choir and tonight is supposed to be soccer practice. I haven't minded the lack of rushing around, but I am starting to go a little stir crazy. On top of staying home with sick kids, I have been doing it alone. My husband had to work all weekend and then he worked late last night and now it is looking like tonight as well. And maybe this weekend. He hasn't said as much, but he did tell me that the plant co-gen went down so the refinery has no electricity. Kind of important. And they will need him there for the fixing. Regardless I really need to get out of the house tonight. Maybe I can get a walk in before bed.

Anyhoo, back to tylenol and tea and avoiding my chores...

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  1. I don't tweet much...

    They're writing books, eh? Good for them!

  2. Oh... I'm sorry you have sick little ones. That is no fun for anyone and especially not the housebound mama.

    I hope everyone gets better soon!!

  3. Sick little ones are no fun... we just got through all of that ourselves. Am waiting for the repeat performance - some sniffles started again this morning. Ack!

    I hope you all get well soon.