Monday, April 06, 2009

Some bits 'o' nothingness.

Girly is hilarious. Tonight she was telling me stories. "Firs o'ball..." (First of all) Most of her story telling involves her sighing and flinging her hair over her shoulder and talking just to hear the sound of her voice. Oh and saying 'Ack-chew-ee,' a lot. Tonight, she was also watching herself in the hallway mirror. hee hee.
She was telling me a story about Jesus dying on the cross and our whole family dying on the cross. She says, "And on page two..." as she pretends to turn the pages of a book.

"And the next story is about Princess 'insert her full 4 names here' who is a ballerina. And there are 3 lions. And they ate me and it really hurt and their breath was so cold that I can't stand it!"
After I stopped giggling, I made my escape before she could rope into listening to any more stories. I still had 4 kids to get to bed!

Baby Zed is going to be 7 months old this week. And just like all my other boys, he can't wait to be big. He is more than a little frustrated with being a baby at this point and considering how smiley and laid back he has been, this has been a hard transition for me. He is constantly grunting and yelling and then he starts in with the whining, you can just see him straining to make his little body do what he wants it to. As of yesterday, he can officially crawl on his hands and knees instead of his army crawl. He can pull to standing on furniture now, instead of just on soft things like him mommy like he was last week. He can even balance himself by holding on and scooch over a step or two. A week or two ago he would just let go and fall over, now he is starting to understand that you have to hold on.
He can sit indefinitely now and use his hands to transition to the floor and he can almost get into a sitting position from laying, but not quite. He can also climb a very small step as he was climbing stacks of mats at the rec centre the other day. With all this moving about, my life has become infinitely more complicated.
You see, I still have plywood instead of flooring on my main floor, so I can't put him down to play there. And he is only happy to play in the Exersaucer or be held for moments at a time. When we take him down to the family room to play on the floor, there are dozens of hazards because that is where the kids toys are and he is always finding stray pieces of Lego and such. And, of course, he is only happy to crawl around there for so long without getting bored. My baby loves to be on the go, he wants constant stimulation and changes of scenery. I am finding that my life is much easier if I take him out a couple times a day.
We have been going for 5 or 6 km walks every day or two, and after we strap the screaming babe in, he laughs for a bit and then naps. Car rides are also helpful in keeping him occupied. All of a sudden, our life seems to revolve around keeping our little tyrant occupied and happy. Oh, and digging things out of his mouth. He had a hairball in there yesterday. Along with a piece of Lego and 3 cheerios. I made the mistake of having his brothers watch him for a bit while I tried to vacuum. My house is a shambles. Courtesy of having nary a free moment to de-dustbunny.
I love my babies and revel in their every milestone, but I am now reminded of why we tend to rush them out of babyhood. This part is hard! Endlessly amusing and rewarding (what is better than great big eyes that light up every time they are turned your way and slobbery, gummy kisses?), but hard.

My hubby is still gone. He was home for 3 days the week before last and seemed intent on making sure I would be happy to see him leave again when the time came. When he did leave, I alternated between inconsolable sobbing and blind fury for 2 whole days. yeah, fun. We then made up and I got back to being capable and independent once again.
He had told me that he would be done and home early this week and we had made plans to go to my Mom's for Easter. His idea actually. But now he is telling me that he may not be back until Saturday and maybe we should cancel or he should meet me there. I promptly lost it. I just could not imagine packing everyone up and going on my own. I have done it before, I know that women do it all the time. But I just feel so overwhelmed and like anything extra would be the straw that breaks me.
I guess I will just have to see what happens. In any event, I need to get the laundry done, the car cleaned out and some shopping done before Friday. Should be a fun-filled week.


  1. My dear sweet bloggy friend - how I wish I lived down the street and could rush over with a pint of icecream and lots of hugs.

    WOW - our birthdays are close, mine is on Thursday! I am going to TO to see Sound of Music!!!! So, excited.

    Glad you like the pendent - I have a surprise coming in the next day or so - and it could mean winning one!!!!!!


  2. My sister and my best friend are both expecting, and I am thrilled to bits. I LOVE other people's babies. I loved my own too, but you're right, it's an immensely hard period. Even when Hubs and I decided to try for a second baby, that it was as an investment in one day having a 6 year old and a 3 year old. Those baby cuddles and kisses make it worth it, but they don't make it easy. I wish I was close enough to come and help.


  3. I wish I lived down the street too.
    Okay, I work on Fridays, but my Friday nights are free. I'd help you pack...or at the very least, I'd entertain your kids while you packed! (that would probably be MORE help, wouldn't it!?)

  4. I wish I could come help. I hate that feeling when work is the thing you're always beholden to. Dave's job is just like that and somedays I don't handle it well.

  5. Me too. We all want to take a turn with those little sweet kidlets and babies of yours.
    Taking Zeb out reminds me of taking these baby lambs out. I missed having a baby so much that I got to bottle baby lambs! But I know that it is much more romantic from the distance. It is hard when you are sleep deprived and especially since you are doing it by yourself these days.
    You could meet him there. I have an idea. Go at night and they will sleep. Then when you get there tuck them in and ask your mom if you can sleep in. I'll bet she says yes....
    Then when hubby gets there take a nap...maybe with him wink wink. You guys need a little alone time....

  6. I'm so sorry things are stressful. I totally understand the whole not-home-hubby. And mine IS home, but asleep while we're awake, which is almost worse for me. Because he's HERE so shouldn't he be helping me shoulder the workload? Yeah. I know...

  7. Girly is so funny- her and my Gracie would be a pair. Lol

    And baby Zed is getting so big!

    Have faith in yourself. You can handle this on your own. And when Hubby gets home, enjoy that time.
    I hope you guys have a good weekend and Easter.

  8. Your girlie is hilarious! And it is a hard mix when you have big kids and little kids. When I had JJ, I started making the older kids keep all their toys in their rooms, so the rest of the house would be free of the little things that he couldn't play with. It kinda worked, most of the time...

  9. Those milestones really are awe inspiring, but it's hard work getting there. For you and for Z. There's no doubt about it - amusing them at this age seems to take up 23 hours of your day. Plus they are just so frustarted with where they are at - they want to move more, play more and interact more than their little bodies allow.

    Hang in there MMM - you're a great Mom and you're doing a fantastic job! Just a few more days.

    Blessings on you today :)

  10. So sorry you guys are having such a rough time right now. I can't even imagine how busy you are. I'll be thinking about you, and hope this weekend turns out to be a great one.

  11. I'm sorry you are having a rough time. I'm thinking about you. Blessings to you and your family.

  12. Oh my...I can't believe baby is going to be seven months old! Time is going by so fast.

    Big hugs to you as you deal with all of this.

  13. A big sympathetic hug from one married but single parenting parent to another. It isn't easy.