Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ask and ye shall receive.

Same old, same old around here. Hubby is still away at work. House is still a mess. Baby is still teething. (one tooth through and one almost through) One child is still giving me a hard time about school, every. single. day. They are all still growing up way too darn fast. It just hit me that my eldest will be in grade 10 next year! Here in AB, that is the beginning of high school. I just can't imagine! My grade 10 year still feels like yesterday, how could I have a kid that old?!

Having a lazy Saturday morning, at least I am. The kids did not accomplish much of what I asked of them this week, so I am having them finish up some school. Apparently I am the meanest mom ever and therefore subject to the most insane eye-rolling ever inflicted on a human being.
I do need to catch up on some marking and housework, so I shan't be lazy for long. Unfortunately. I would really like to just spend the day scrapping photos on HM.

So. I have been blogging for a while now and I am at my 500th post! I usually let all these blog-milestones pass by, but I know a lot of you have done a question-answer thing for them and since I seem to be having a hard time writing lately I think having you ask me questions would be a great plan.
So for the next week, I will be collecting your questions and then answering them in a big bloggiversary post for my 500th post. So ask me anything!


  1. Ask you anything...I'm going to have to think about!

  2. what is a typical day in your home? I can barely organize my day with 2 kids. And I don't scrapbook. Or homeschool. (well, I work full-time, but when i was on mat leave I got nothing done).
    What's the secret?
    Any tips?

  3. Hi hon, nice to see you checking in! I don't know how you manage to blog at all (I don't seem to be doing much of it!). Questions....hmmm....what's your favourite breakfast?

  4. What was your favorite subject in school?

  5. How do you manage to stay sane? No, honestly. What do you do for you?

  6. Here's my question...

    "Why do I sometimes have the urge to dress up like a pirate and run through shopping malls? Is there something wrong with me?"