Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Knock, Knock

Baby girl talks so much and makes us laugh every day, she says everything and so clearly. She tells me, "I can't, " what under 2 year old says I can't?!
She has started telling knock knock jokes now. "Knock, knock?"
"Who's there?"
"Mommy who?"
LOL, how cute is that?

Darn, this blogger says it automatically saves now, but even though I pressed 'save now', it didn't save the rest of my post:(

Now i am drawing a blank on the other cute things I was gonna talk about, lol.

Big happenings in our house this past weekend. Our eldest went to his first YC! Made Daddy pretty nostalgic, first that we have a kid old enough to go to YC, lol! Secondly about our own experiences there as young people. Life changing experiences with God and in the company of thousands of other kids who want to serve Him too. So thankful that our son got to take part in such an amazing event. He loved all the concerts, especially Toby Mac. Brent loved Toby Mac as a part of DC talk when he was young, he saw them in concert when they were first starting out. He and I attended a DC talk concert at the Butterdome as one of our first real dates-life is sure cyclical:)

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  1. I just saw TobyMac perform at Spirit West Coast in San Diego, and he still puts on a great show with the Diverse City band!