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Keeping my family healthy and fed is a full time job in itself. It has been easy to neglect my own health in the busyness of raising a family. My eating habits have become progressively worse in direct relation to my lack of sleep. Since the births of my last 2 children, I have become very inactive and have put on a lot of weight. I stay up later than I should at night, desperate for a few moments to myself after the children go to bed and for a little 'couple time' with my husband. All put together, it has been a recipe for disaster with my health. 
The first change we have made is to start the Whole 30 program. Basically, we have eliminated all dairy, grains, legumes and sugar for our diet in order to reset our relationship with food and to reset our bodies. It has been amazing, our waists are smaller, our chronic pain has lessened and our cravings decreased. Get the book here.
Next, I am going to go to bed earlier and add daily exercise. Baby stepping our way to better health.
Through my Heritage Makers business, I am now also a Youngevity consultant with a wide variety of health and beauty products! 

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