Friday, June 13, 2014


I do not know if is the spring weather or that my youngest quickly approaching 4, or that I am a year away from 40, but I am antsy. That is an understatement.

My mind is in a creative, entrepreneurial frenzy. I can't stop thinking, my heart is racing almost as quickly. I have blog ideas, business ideas, plots and plans stewing bubbling away, all day and all night. Obviously I can't do them all, but how to narrow them down? How do I take all this creative energy and passion and channel it into a productive, practical lifestyle and make a living while doing it? I am sure that I don't know!

I think I am a bit addicted to the dream, passion, planning part of the whole thing. Turning those dreams, plans and goals into reality is another story. I am hoping that because my baby years are now over, I will be able to turn that around. Begin turning my plans into reality.

I think I am on my way. I have been taking some online classes, free ones that complement my kids' learning, but I am taking steps. This summer, maybe I will be taking my first business class. I am researching applying for a business license and doing market research. I know of all kinds of ways that I can spend money. But I am making myself slow down and think it through. It is hard to be still and slow and thoughtful, when my whole self is thrilling with frenetic energy. I hardly know what to do with myself.

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