Thursday, January 09, 2014

New Year, New Gifts


I have a tendency to worry, to pessimism. I suffer with anxiety. I forget about my blessings and concentrate on hard circumstances or difficult people and personalities. Sometimes I get stuck and life happens to me. I forget that I have the power to choose. To move. To act. To speak. I feel full of anger and blame.
Then God reminds me. Through a bible verse. A facebook status. A blog post. A friend. A book.

I am reminded that I choose. I choose my reactions. My attitude. I can choose joy. I can choose peace. I can choose right. And God and love. I can choose to love with my entire soul and being. I can love beyond myself, with God's all-encompassing love. I can have joy in all my circumstances. I can choose to give my worry to God and let him hold me up. I can choose to live courageously. Move through fear and into victory. or defeat. And not fear defeat.

My word for this year is choose. I need to remember to choose each day.

Gratitude reminds me of this. I can be grateful in spite of trials and I can be grateful in my trials and for them as well. I can can definitely show gratitude for all the gifts I am given each day. In choosing gratitude, I choose abundant life.

I choose.

1000 gifts:
1. 3 days with no puking from anyone. After a month of sickies.
2. That I figured out why my toddler was so grumpy and miserable and couldn't stand the sound of my voice. He has an earache, and also a gift, a doctor's appointment tomorrow.
3. A lovely chinook.
4. A fairly productive day under our belts.
5. Meat in the freezer, so that I can make dinner.
6. An epiphany in a loved one about himself and the ones he loves.
7. That God doesn't need me to do his job. And that he keeps reminding me of this. Even when I keep trying to do it.
8. Patient friends.
9. A new experience. Getting paid to teach!
10. A teenager who still loves to listen to Adventures in Odyssey.
11. A job for my eldest.
12. A lovely discussion with my 5 year old about the map in my bible. He told me how that he loves to pretend that he is in a ship, on any map he sees. He goes on adventures, sailing around islands, landing in places where he delivers things, talks with the people, sees things and then he gets back in his boat and goes somewhere else. 

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