Friday, May 03, 2013


I was weary today, and didn't really feel like doing anything, never mind playing make believe while I was trying to cook. But my almost 8 year old Girly and her 2.5 year old Sunny sidekick were in costume and knocking at the kitchen entrance, pretending to be trick or treaters. What was I supposed to do?

I grudgingly answered the door and handed out pretend treats, then retreated back to the stove. Seconds later, they arrived at the other side of the kitchen, knocking at the entrance. So over I went, 'pretending' to be a grumpy person, irritated at trick or treaters. My sweet kids giggled. By the third knock at the door, I was ready to enter their make believe.

Each knock was answered by a different character. There was the funny woman with the accent, the giant who was relieved the kids weren't there to play tricks on him and had a treasure chest of candy to share. There was the 'gangsta', the little old lady, and the sheltered princess who had never eaten candy or been trick or treating.

She was invited along for the fun, dressed as what else, but a princess. She was well loved by the Halloweeners and ended up having her first sleepover complete with movies and soda!

Imaginary play is not something that I think of myself as doing well. I am often way to immersed in the drudgery of the real world to allow myself to be caught up in their play. But we had fun, even if it was soon interrupted by dinner. And my daughter was so pleased to be my playmate.

PS: These photos are wishful thinking. We do not have green grass yet. We finally got rid of the snow in the last week! These shots are from last spring, boy have my sweeties grown!

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