Saturday, February 16, 2013

I am blessed.

About a year ago, a friend introduced me to Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts, a challenge to recognize and celebrate all of God's gifts in your life. I recorded 20 gifts and then kind of kept putting off the writing of my gifts. ahh, procrastination, my nemesis...
Here are my gifts today:

21. A little girl who is so very thrilled to spend tonight with her Daddy.
22. A husband, who is such an amazing father that he recognizes the need to treat his daughter as a princess, to take her to the Daddy/Daughter Ball, and to even fill her request to get a tie that matches her dress.
23. A daughter who notices things like 'men should wear a tie that matches their date's dress'
24. A wee boy who yells, "HUG!" as Daddy is putting him to bed for his nap, and then he wraps his wee, darling arms around my neck, squeezing me in the most precious embrace.
24. Teenagers who still laugh and wrestle with their Dad and want their mama to hug them and rub their backs.
25. My husband's job where he is off work at 2:30pm, the same time the teens are done school.
26. 2 afternoons this week, spent sitting in the living room, in the sun, chatting with my teenaged boys and their father, while the younger siblings drifted in and out, gifting us with cuddles and their play.
27. Peaceful littles during our homeschool/Classical Conversations morning. Last week they were chaotic, so it was an extra gift.
28. Lovely, Christian, praying and also home educating friends.
29. My mother-in-law was fine, even though she had a missed bleed after her angiogram
30. Listening to and marvelling at my 2 year old's developing speech. super sweet!
31. My husband teaching our four year old to count higher.
32. Knowing that there are 3 more days in our weekend!
33. The joy and fear of learning new choir music for our Easter choir. I don't think I found one right note on Tuesday, but the music and fellowship are gorgeous and I know that it will all come together!
34. The encouragement I have already found in our studying of 1 Peter. The challenge too!
35. Our home. I have felt discouraged and frustrated at the mess it is currently in. But it is ours. And we are healthy and strong and able to clean and improve it! And we have lots of time this weekend too.
36. The inventiveness and creativity of my eldest son. And the time my husband took to help him bring his creation to life, in metal! They welded a DNA model for B's bio class. 

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