A Little Lie

January, 2013
2! How fun is 2?
My baby is 2 and a bit and has been making me laugh so much lately. Yesterday I was reading an article about preschoolers and lying. A group of researchers was conducting experiments with children and lying. They were shocked to find out that 30% of the 2 year olds would lie. It had previously been thought that they were not cognitively mature enough to lie.
Well apparently 2 year olds can lie. I have proof! This morning, my wonderful father-in-law rescued me by bringing my keys, after my husband accidentally took them to work with him. He also brought doughnuts for the kids. Sweet torture for mom, but I let the grandparents do some spoiling if they want.
Anyhoo... There was a doughnut sitting on the counter after the kids each ate one. I went upstairs for a minute and came back down to see many wee bites had been taken out of it. Sunshine was in the kitchen, so I asked him who had eaten the doughnut.
"Oohdah!" he said. Which is how he says his big brother's name. Someone else called out that Sunshine had eaten it.
"Sunshine, did you eat the doughnut?"
He sheepishly grinned at me, tilted his head to the side and sighed resignedly, "Mmmhmmm."


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