Thursday, March 01, 2012

Husband 2 Wife 0

My husband is often very thoughtful. This weekend, when I was having a particularly grumpy and irritable day, he came home with a dozen tulips for me. I love tulips. They give me immense joy and he knows me well enough to know that. I am not a red roses kind of girl. I am a tulip girl. I love that he knows me.
One thing that you may not know about me is that when I am feeling grumpy, and I am grumpy with you, I don't want you to be nice to me. It makes me feel resentful. Because I am not ready to let go of being mad and when you are nice to me, then I feel guilty for being such a grump and then I can't stay angry because then I would be indulging in bitterness and unforgiveness. I am pretty sure that my husband also knows this about me and that makes him a pretty smart guy.
So, I pouted for half an hour before opening the flowers and putting them in the vase, and another 2 minutes before forgiving and kissing and thanking. That makes me feel ashamed, but there it is.
Today, my very thoughtful husband called me up on his way home from work to invite me to have a latte date with him. I refused because all the latte money in our budget has been spent... But he told me that he had received a Starbucks gift card and instead of saving it to use at work, he wanted to share it with me. Love that guy! We had a lovely, grown up talk and coffee before returning to our evening duties, such a fantastic break.

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