Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Anybody have some jumper cables?!

Well, my due date is tomorrow! 9 months of anticipation and anxiety come and gone, and now? We wait...

This is pregnancy number 7 and I was induced for all of the previous 6. Four of those were post-dates, one was my stillborn baby, and with the Monkey I was induced early as a precautionary measure due to low fluid and slow growth. I have fully expected to go post-dates with this one as well. That would explain why, until 2 days ago, I have done nothing to prepare for baby's imminent arrival.

Even at that, I bought the wrong size diapers and last night discovered that I truly have no clothing for this little one. I gave it all away after Zed was born. Remember? He was going to be my last? I have exactly 2 sleepers, one nightie and 2 undershirts! That might get me through the drive home from the hospital. Guess I get to do some shopping, or beg some stuff off of some sweet mom with a 6 month old.

So, the last few weeks, I have been having bouts of feeling awful. Nausea, diarrhea, cold sweats and shaking. Add to that, intense braxton hicks and warmth radiating from my belly outward. It has felt just like the beginning of labour, at least from my experiences with labour. These bouts have lasted anywhere from 20 minutes to almost a whole day, coming and going at random and keeping me up at night.

And then? Nothing happens! They leave as quickly as they came and I feel fine again. I feel like my uterus' starter keeps trying and trying, but it just won't turn over. 'raarrr, raarrr, raarrr.... sputter... nothing. '

So where will you find the Mighty Mama? Right here waiting... at least until next week when they give me a wee boost.



  1. you are a very good writer...I had no idea about your baby girl....praying for a smooth delivery....love always Chontelle

  2. sending you love, prayers and best wishes....May your delivery go well, may the baby be healthy and strong and my yoru family continue to adjust, grow and marvel at the blessing that is family. XOXOXOX

  3. Sister!!!!
    I have loads of clothes saved up for your little one just waiting until this time arrived, no worries! We will get it to you right away! Thinking about you day and night! Love you so much!

  4. I love you Sister. You are such an amazing woman. I love your writing. You should be paid for these written works of art.
    We are so excited to see you guys and to meet Baby #7. We will be coming on the 15th.
    Thinking about you and praying for you always Big Sis.
    Love Auntie Pipes and Bob the Tomato.

  5. I had no idea that you were pregnant again. My bad. I'm so sorry. And nothing for this new one! Do you have freecycle available near you? It's the most awesome thing ever. A yahoo group. Google it with your city name.

    Have your wee one on the tenth if you can. Ten-ten-ten!

  6. Thinking and praying for a smooth delivery! As for "jumper cables" I'm sure you've heard all the things that are supposed to get things moving...none of them worked for me the first time around. The second delivery I had some sweeping done and that seemed to help (she was born the day after her due date).

    I know it's hard and you are probably feeling so "done". By the sounds of it things are starting to move in that direction. Your little one will be in your arms so very soon. Can't wait to hear of your wee one's arrival!

    Blessings on your and Baby's birth :)