Ridin' the ponies

Do you know what the worst part about getting up at six am is? Not getting home til almost 8:30. We are down to just one vehicle since we got rid of the super-sized truck, so I have been driving hubby to work at least 3 days a week. I do not do 6 am unless I have to, so I am really dragging. Last night we at least went to bed before 11, so that helps. But it is almost an hour's drive each way, so by the time I get home it is time to dive right into our day and what I really want is another nap!
The best part of these early mornings is the drive home. I have 45 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time. I crank up some inspirational music and sing my way home, it is wondrous and peaceful, between that and the time alone with my husband each day, it is well worth the 6 am wake-up!

Yesterday we went to the church bbq at the church's ranch. The kids all had a ride on the horses, it was Monkey boy and Girly's first ride. They were ecstatic. All Girly has talked about all day was the horses. Of course the horse highlight was when Monkey Boy's horse pooped right in front of her.
During the summer, the ranch is a summer camp and during the year it is a retreat centre. There are tons of things to do out there, wall climbing, 3 huge zip-lines, obstacle courses, trail rides, wagon/sleigh rides, fun for all. My little adrenaline junky, Superboy can be kept occupied for days.
I took tons of photos, here are a few of my kids having fun. I was playing with some photoshop actions from the Pioneer Woman, I like 'em!


  1. What a fun time for the kids - riding horses. And, those are great photos!

    Have a good Tuesday - see you soon - Kellan

  2. I love drives too.

    They clear my mind! :)

    But they are rarely peaceful these days, with two little Hooligans, screaming, "Mommy," from the back seat . ..:)

    I'm sure you can relate!

  3. You are a photoshop DIVA! And what cute pictures.

    Glad you are enjoying the time to yourself and with your husband - even if it does mean getting up early.

  4. You are soooooo lucky that I am not one of your IRL friends because I would be lecturing you till you hated me. How is all of this taking it easy and getting plenty of rest?? Reading it all makes ME tired and I am not pregnant and SUPPOSED to be taking it easy. tsk tsk tsk. :) Love your pictures.

  5. A buns life pretty much said what I was thinking so ...on to the fun stuff.

    CUTE!!! and so fun looking!
    The girls rode ponies yesterday at their friend's house too AND can't stop talking about "horse camp". lol

    I love the bum pictures of the two littles. totally cute!

    Miss you. Praying for you to know God's will on Wednesday. Let me know when you know 'k?!

  6. Awesome pictures!

    And yeah, mornings are the pits.

  7. I love the effect in the last one. uh-oh, you almost put a face shot of yourself in there! These are great pics! But how do you drive hubby to work with no kids in the car? Just wondering. 6 AM...ouch!!!!!

    Love ya! Sniz

  8. Awww, those are great pics! :)

    I completely agree - mornings are tough. But I do love quiet, reflective drives - it's quite refreshing.

  9. Awesome photos and I love what you did with them! I love horses so those shots are my favorites but that first one with your little ones looking at the horses is priceless. So cute!

    And you look great, btw!

  10. Okay, so what's your girl's rear end say in that first photo? Roots? Boots?

  11. Hey sniz...
    Hint. she has a 14 year old that homeschools ;-)

  12. Looks like they had a lot of fun!

  13. great pictures. Enjoy that alone time with Hubby and with yourself. I know I love having my drive to and from work to myself to think, pray, or sit still for an extended period of time with nobody crying for my attention


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