Oops. I forgot. Again.

So there was this girl. And she had some serious issues with getting distracted and therefore forgetting important things. (Like the fact that she hasn't been a 'girl' for many, many years...) She liked to blame her forgetfulness on pregnancy hormones or some other convenient excuse. But really, she just didn't take the time to slow down and plan properly. A couple weeks ago, it was 11 am when she realized she had forgotten to take the kids to Kindermusic. Now to be fair, her husband had been home and he was usually at work on those days. It distracted her. Made her think it was Saturday...
Then, she had meant to give the teacher a call and apologize, but she kept getting busy and forgetting and before she knew it, Friday had come along again and she was going to class anyway, so she would just apologize there. ugh.
So this girl, I mean woman, got through her crazy week and weekend full of visitors and activities and tasks. She kept thinking about Monday and the class her son was to attend at the University. She was nervous about taking him there because she was unfamiliar with the campus and hated not knowing where she was going. Her hubby said they could take a dry run on the weekend and figure out where to go. He was a pretty smart guy!
Well Sunday came, her company left and she went to bed for a nap. Her body and mind needed a little time out. It was pouring rain outside and the sound lulled her into peace. By the time she came back downstairs, her mind was cloudy like the sky outside. It stayed that way all day. She was quiet and still and distracted. The family went through their Sunday that way. Everyone quiet and keeping to themselves. They did not remember to take that dry run to the U. In fact they all forgot completely about the university class.
So Monday morning came. The 'young' woman awoke groggily to the sound of her Girly chattering to herself in her crib. She then sat up quickly remembering that Girly was not wearing a pull-up and probably really needed to pee! (Both preschoolers had been dry overnight all weekend.) By the time she got them up and fed, she had completely forgotten any plans she may have had for the day. Her kids were kind of grumpy and she was starting to feel that way too.
Then it hit her. Once again she had forgotten something important. The class. The one she should have left hours ago for. The one her son had been excited about for weeks. The one she promised to attend and had now bailed on. ugh. She was afraid to admit to her son her forgetfulness. She didn't want to see that look of disappointment in her on his face. The one that she knew to be inevitable...


  1. ugh! I hate it when that kind of stuff happens....I usually don't completely forget....I just forget enough to where we have to rush rush rush, because I hate being late to anything. Then we are all stressed out and crabby. It would have been better if I had forgotten.

  2. Poor you...pregnant, runnign the household...it all catches up to us in baby-brain. Hope you can find a way to make it up to your son and that you are not feeling guilty - happens to the best of us!

  3. Oh Kristen, I am so sorry. What a bummer. We ALL forget things, though. I hope you don't think you are the only one in the world to do this. I've done it lots of times. That doesn't make it any better, but please know that you are NOT alone in doing this. At least you have pregnancy brain to blame...I don't even have that.

    Big hugs!!!


  4. Oh no! I have done this same thing too many times....

    I think you need a break!

    Was he okay in the end?

  5. Oy veh! Pregnancy brain AND too much on your plate. Maybe try what I've started doing: write a to do list! Or, just jot things down when they occur to you so that you don't forget and don't clog your mind up with stuff!? ((hugs!))

  6. I had a friend that used to give me crap over my foggy "mommy brain" while I was pregnant.

    then one day justice was served- she got pregnant herself. In a joking manner she apologized for harassing me so while I was pregnant- for she too, now suffered the dreaded "mommy brain"

    Dont worry- one day we will be sane again. (I think)


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