Monday already!?!

I guess today is the day that Christmas vacay is supposed to be over, yet here I sit at 10 am, with my laptop and tea and a butter tart. My tree is still up, my house is still a disaster, and I think I should probably be doing school with the kids but I just want to go back to bed.

I suppose I should at least find some fun and quasi-educational things to do with the kids today. Maybe a trip to the museum to use the pass that their Aunt and Uncle got them for Christmas... or art and music... I could pull out the playdough and paints and classics for kids cd's we got for Christmas... Or we could do both! If I ever drag my lazy butt into the shower and downstairs.

Okay, I guess I should get off the computer and do something, but if you want something to read or look at go ahead and scroll down for Girly's cute story and hop over here to see how I have been spending my time off this weekend!


  1. We're having a snow day. Levi's classes were cancelled and we're snowed in so we're going to start...tomorrow.

    Enjoy the day:) Maybe they could do a learning through cleaning day?!

  2. I like Shay's suggestion. Make the kidlets do the dirty work ;)

  3. I want to hear the poop story. :)

    I'd opt for putting Christmas away as a family.

  4. If it helps...the kids here don't start back at school until tomorrow. The teachers went back today, to get set up and ready, but NOT the kids. :)

  5. It is certainly a lot more fun being on vacation, isn't it!? I know I am having a hard time getting back to work too!!!

    Hope you have a good week - Kellan

  6. *sigh*
    Me, too. Me, too. The kids slept in until 10:30 this morning (out of town family left last night after a ten day stay), and I wasn't up much sooner. Tomorrow sounds good.

  7. I know it is now Tuesday, but if it helps, yesterday was Epiphany which marks the last day of the Christmas season and seems like as good a reason as any to take a day off.

    I always leave my tree up until Epiphany- so you are in good company. :)

  8. A museum pass as gift? That is a WONDERFUL idea! Next year for sure!!

    Hope you had a good day no matter what you did! : )

  9. Musuem sounds like fun and more than a little quasi-educational.

    PS- I just tagged you with the "Honst Scrap" award over on my blog! This is my first "tagging" I hope I am doing it right! :)

  10. I cannot imagine doing homeschooling now. Not after the 2 weeks we had with all 3 kids home. NO way. You rock, my dear.


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