Uh... Nesting Much?

Well, you who were teasing about me nesting, must be right. I spent Wednesday and Thursday in a whirlwind. I thought that my girlfriend's kids were coming on Wednesday afternoon and that inspired me to start cleaning up this hole I call a house.

I have to admit that this pregnancy has not been kind to my housekeeping. I spent the first 3 months sick. Like stuck in bed, unable to breathe or move kinda sick. I had a few weeks reprieve and then the ultrasound that told me I had placenta praevia and needed to take it easy. So I did. I enjoyed taking it easy, a lot. I am sure that no one else in my house enjoyed my break as much as I did though. I confess that I let a lot of things slide, and eventually I got very frustrated with my inability to do much about it, even though I was so flippin' tired that I barely wanted to.

So now I have a clean bill of health and scant weeks until this baby is to arrive. I have the bug. I completely mucked out all of the bedrooms, the worst one being the 10 year old's. I just mucked it out a few months ago and last night when daddy pulled out the bed to take it downstairs, I couldn't believe my eyes. I swear there were only 2 square feet of floor space that weren't completely overtaken by crap.

But I got it clean. Took until 1 am, but I did it. And we moved him down to the big bedroom with his big brother. And got the double bed moved upstairs for Monkey boy. Well actually for my Mom who is here for Indy weekend. That bedroom and the nursery still need to be painted, but they are clean and clutter free so it shouldn't be to difficult to get that done.

I also mucked out the family room again and got all the toys organized. My boys think tidying up means to pick stuff up off the floor and stuff it in corners, under furniture, behind books in the shelves and in random storage bins. I have a place for each thing and their random 'tidies' make me crazy! Especially since I have to spend 5 hours fixing it like I did yesterday. I didn't even make it to the desk and shelves above it yet. Argh!

So I still have that to do. And my bedroom closet, linen closet, back entry closet, kitchen and school shelves. Oh, and the basement. (but Brent is supposed to do most of that!) But it isn't so overwhelming to me anymore. I have accomplished a lot this week, things I felt were too big to get done, so now I feel hopeful about finishing the rest. Even if I just do one small job at a time, instead of 16 hours days like yesterday. Yeehaw! Have I told you how much I like clean and organized? I am too tired right now to enjoy it, but I will after a nap I am sure.

I have a biophysical profile ultrasound scheduled this afternoon, so I will get to see and hear my baby for an hour or so. So looking forward to that, but the full bladder? Not so much. I hope they let me pee! Gosh, I am running out of time, I really need to come up with a name for this teeny monkey. Maybe I will get an inspiration today, maybe a name will fall from the heavens.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and I will visit over the next 2 days. After I nap.


  1. Like I said before I need me some of that nesting bug!! Great job!

  2. You're making me tired just thinking about it. I sure hope I perk up soon.

  3. My girls are the same way when it comes to piling on the crap in their room. It drives me crazy.

    So, when you say that your mom is in town for "Indy weekend" are you talking about the IndyCar race in Edmonton or something else?

  4. You go, girl!! :) I am glad that you're getting your house in order before that precious little one arrives.

    Can't wait to hear all about the biophysical profile ultrasound.. sounds pretty neat.

    Keep eyes on Jesus & put your feet up a bit, too!

  5. How'd the u/s go? Can't wait to meet this little man!

    Oh and how amazing are you?! 16 hours of cleaning and organizing?! WOW!

  6. All that time down- no wonder you have the energy bug. Hope he hangs with you til you get all your stuff done.

    Have a good weekend

  7. WOW --- how productive!

    My boys are going to day camp next week and I will only have the little girl - So, I am hoping to go through the house room by room and get it all organized! Here's hoping!

  8. Sounds like you got a LOT done! Congrats!! Good luck with the names and hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Too funny! I sewed like a mad woman before each of my babies. In fact, before the last one? I learned to smock. But cleaning? No thanks. Enjoy!

  10. Watch out. I always had mine tight after one of these whirlwinds. Maybe this little guy is on his way....

  11. Wow--you got a lot done. It sure feels great, doesn't it?

  12. Ha, I remember being the same way! You get some rest!


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