I have big plans...

So I am finding my energy burst flagging now, my to do list is still long, but my motivation is short. Thankfully I am managing to keep my house tidy, which may not seem like a big thing, but it is for me. It is not something my family is good at consistently, but we are all working on it.

Our home is bursting with creativity. I had mentioned a little bookshelf I had wanted to make for the Girly's room, a 1 hour project. My hubby's brain started whirring and he came up with plans for a huge, built in bookcase/window seat project that would take a week. Or months depending on how long he stays motivated! I always get swept up in his ideas, for a while. And then my super practical side comes out, the side that knows there are many other more important things on his to do list. And, the side who knows that he has a tendency to get bored with a project and then leave it unfinished for indefinite periods of time. And that? That makes me crazy. And then I become insane, nagging wife and he digs in his heels and we get nowhere. So. No huge built in bookshelf.

My creative juices are flowing as well, I have tons of ideas for artwork for the kid's rooms. Tons! I bought some more canvasses yesterday and plan on sketching out the watercolour I want to do for Girly today. A wonderful relative of Brent's was decluttering a while back and she had tons of art supplies to give away. Since we have all the kids in the family she decided to pass them along to us. Acrylics, watercolours, enamels, fabric paints, pastels, glass paints, paper of every description and size-anything you could imagine, she brought boxes of it. I think I am gonna go to the dollar store for some cheap canvasses and let the kids do some acrylic painting as well. Might as well put these supplies to use and keep the kids busy at the same time. The littles have to stick to watercolours though. Washable.

Maybe if I put some of this creative energy to use, my organizing/cleaning mojo will come back! One can only hope.


  1. My middle daughter would go nutso with all of those canvases. She loves to paint and create.

  2. I hope you post pics of your artwork! Would love to see it!

  3. Can't wait to see what you create!

    If you find that motivation to clean/organize can you send a teeny bit over here? My house is soooo dirty and even though I've been way more on the ball with the cleaning it just doesn't seem to matter. I'm just no match for 2 dogs and 4 kids!

    good luck with keeping it clean!
    oh and I love love love looking at the baby count down 34 more days - yay!

  4. Can I borrow some of your nesting?

  5. Wow! Can't wait to see pictures of what you have created! Only 34 days to go!

  6. I'd love to see your artwork as well. Very cool!

    And thanks for the prayers for my friend. :)

  7. fun, fun, fun to get all the artsy hand-me-downs!


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