Giant step for Boy-kind.

A big news day in the Mighty House. My own little Monkey Boy achieved an amazing milestone last night.
The littles were jonesing for some outdoor time after dinner. It had rained most of the day and we were all a little stir crazy by evening. Daddy fired up the grill and we ate our burgers out on the deck in spite of a brisk breeze and an insistent killer wasp. As soon as they had enough in their belly's to fuel an escape, Monkey and Girly were strapping on their helmets and heading for their bikes.
We decided to take them out front into the cul-de-sac to give them some space to motor. Monkey followed Superboy who was on his skateboard and Papa helped Girly get her tricycle to the front yard. We laughed at their antics and 'tricks', cries of, "Look Mom, no hands," echoed down the street. They splashed through puddles and tried to not crash into one another. At one point Daddy mentioned to Monkey Boy that one of these days he could try to ride without training wheels.
Well that was it. "Yeah Dad, take them off now!"
"Keep practicing Monkey and I will go find my wrench." We watched for a bit longer and then Monkey was calling Daddy again, "Go get your wrench Dad, come on!"
I was a little unsure of this venture, I had just watched how crazy my little kamikaze was on his bike. Weaving all over the place. Not even a hint of balance showing there. Yikes.
So Daddy took off those security wheels. Monkey Boy immediately got up on that bike to try, didn't even wait for someone to show him or help him. Dad jumped over to help balance him, held on two steps and off my little boy went.... for about 3 rotations of the pedals before losing balance. Daddy thought it prudent to start off on the grass so that is what they were doing, but after 3 or 4 fairly successful attempts it was apparent to my Boy that the grass was more hindrance then help so he headed for the road.
Daddy steadied him once again and then he and Superboy ran beside my Monkey while he took off down the road. Immediate success once again. The look on his face saying, "Woohoo, I did it, I am riding a TWO-WHEELER!" Within 10 minutes he was taking off on his own with no help at all. He rode all around the cul-de-sac for at least an hour, practicing his stopping and starting, pure joy etched across his features.
The looks on our faces surely echoed his, proud Mommy, Daddy and Papa watching our little boy transform before our eyes. Making the transition from little boy, one of my babies, to big boy, in a matter of seconds. When I fell into bed last night, I was still so elated with his accomplishment that I could hardly sleep. Brent and I whispered of Monkey's biking prowess until the wee hours. None of this parenting stuff ever gets old, let me tell you.
Taking off the training wheels.

First try.

Momentary success.

My big boy is now a two-wheeler rider!


  1. go monkey boy! My little guy won't even try to pedal, would much rather push or ride his power wheels!

  2. That is fabulous!! Way to go!

  3. That's so fun! I'm glad to know that the parenting stuff doesn't get old!

  4. How old is he? My little one (who is 3 begs us to take off the training wheels--our five year old neighbor rides without them)

    But I think that three is a bit young. When is the right time?

    (Just wondering!) :)

  5. Yay Monkey Boy!!! That's wonderful!! Oh, and Rambling Housewife, I think it totally depends on the kid, my daughter is just getting the hang of pedalling at 4 1/2, and my 1 1/2 year old has already starting pedalling a tricycle where he can hardly reach the pedals! The worst thing that happens is you have to put the training wheels back on for a while!

  6. Yea for Monkey Boy! Gracie has asked a few times to have her training wheels off. Monkey Boy has inspired me to give it a try

  7. My wife taught my son to ride his bike. I taught the middle daughter, and then my son taught our youngest daughter one day while I was at work. I thought that was pretty cool.

    Anyway, they seem so grown up when they can ride their own bikes. I've let my 14-year old drive our VAN around the neighborhood a few times (with me, of course) in the dark.

  8. Hoooray Monkey Boy! That's wonderful news!

  9. How awesome is that? Go Monkey, go!

  10. WOW!! Can he teach my kids? Awesome. You must be so proud!

  11. Yay for Monkey Boy. That's so exciting! You must be so proud.

  12. Woohoo! I remember those days! May I have them back, please? You've used them long enough. You can have the upcoming driver's license days if you'd like. :)

  13. A couple of you have mentioned your older kids and driving. Believe me, I know! My eldest will be able to get his learner's license on his birthday this fall. Yikes! I can't imagine my boy driving a car, I just shudder to think of it. Especially since he can't walk down the hall without running into someone or something. Like mother-like son.

  14. Wooooo Whoooo!

    I'm totally showing my girls. Maybe it will motivate them? I'd love to get rid of the extra wheels they always seem so tippy on them!

    Congrats Little J.!!!


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