Slip and Fall

My girly was being a big girl and using the potty and then disaster struck. She toppled that teeny potty full of pee and then fell right in the puddle. She freaked out exactly how I would have had I been her. Icky! While she squealed and panicked, I undressed her and got her into a bath. I ran back into my bathroom to get my special body wash and poured a bit under the running water, watched Girly's delighted grin as the rich, foamy bubbles started to fill the tub. My little monkey boy came in at that point, "Put more bubbles in Mom!"
"No, that is enough, the bubbles will grow as the water fills the tub." When the water was high enough, I ran downstairs to grab a towel for her. I came back up to shouts of, "Girly let the water disappear!"
and, "It's show swippery!"
I quickly deduced that my dear son had gotten the bubble bath and poured the rest of the bottle into the tub. Almost immediately after, the Girly had let the plug out and all the water had emptied. Leaving a sudsy, slippery tub. Girly was still delighted as she scooped up handfuls of suds and rubbed them onto her tummy. I was less than impressed. The Monkey boy kept telling me to refill the tub, to which I had to explain to them both that there was only enough hot water to fill the tub once. I rinsed the Girly with tepid water and wrapped her up in her towel. She wasn't too disappointed, especially because then she got to put on yotion. She loves my body butter.
Darn, too bad I didn't think to grab my camera while she was in that super sudsy tub!


  1. I would definitely be upset too if that happened to me. I'm glad the foamy bath and yotion made her feel better, they always lift my moods!

  2. Body butter and BUBBLES are the cure for everything.

    I HATE not having a camera around when I need it!!! He always does something cute when the camera is out of my reach. It is like he is taunting me with his cuteness. "I dare you to capture this, mommy."

  3. Wow! Sounds like quite the eventful day!

  4. My little monkey would have done the same thing!!

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