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Well I just finished making 4 batches of play dough with my 4 year old and my hands are stained with food colouring. I made the mistake of doubling up the batch for batch 3 and 4. Ick. It didn't cook through enough and I had to knead it for 30 minutes to get it unsticky, and now it is kind of tough. Don't double the recipe!
I just made the traditional one, I have 2 books of dough recipes, but I always come back to this one.
1c. flour
1/2 c. salt
2 tsp. cream of tartar
1tsp oil
1 c. warm water
food colouring
stir in heavy bottomed pot over medium heat til it comes away from the pot. Then knead til smooth.
easy peasy.

I decided to be a good mother today and not ignore my children for my computer or hide from them in my room with a book. I sat with them all morning while they did school, something I need to do every day but have been neglecting. The little ones were driving me crazy though. They were running around, screaming and bugging their brothers. Hence the playdough. Next week I will be bringing out the dough, the paints and craft stuff while the boys are doing school so that the littles will be occupied. I am also hoping to start some basic school stuff with the 4 year old, he is really keen, but I haven't spent much time teaching him.

Right now it is snowing and blowing outside, so much for the spring weather. Oh well, I know at this point that any cold weather will be short-lived.

Had my first prenatal appointment yesterday. I had it booked before, but the doctor had to run over to the hospital so I showed up only to be told I had to rebook. I will get to go have an ultrasound on the 26th and then another a couple of weeks later. I can't wait, it always gives me a bit of a respite from my anxiety. I tried to speak to my doc a bit about the anxiety I was having and had hoped to segue into the mild prenatal depression, but she kinda rushed me out the door. That was a bit upsetting. I didn't even get to listen to the heartbeat or anything, cuz it was a 'talking' appointment. Now she is only one of the 5 doctors I will see at this clinic and I know some of the others are great listeners and will address my concerns. I also should have been more forceful. I did write out all my concerns in the 6 page questionnaire I had to fill out, so once she reads them I am sure she will be more open to listening. I left a bit disheartened, especially because I had misgivings about going back to this clinic because of the 5 doctor thing. They have a new policy of having you see one doc for the first 20 weeks and then 20 - 30 weeks you meet the other doctors and then finally you go back to one doctor leading up to delivery to promote continuity of care. I hope that is how it actually works, because with Girly I kept getting different docs even in the last 4 weeks. I guess we shall see. If I am not happy, I will find another doc. I know tons of child-bearing women with doctors they love!

Tonight begins another hockey marathon. Running around, playoff games, eating on the run, over-tired toddlers, these are what makes up my weekends. I do get to go to an Oil Kings game tonight with my 10 year old and his whole hockey team. I am looking forward to it, but my son would rather his Dad took him. Daddy is way more likely to spend tons of money on crap at the game. Mommy is way too practical for that. Poor kid.


  1. I'm sorry about the doctor thing...she should not have rushed you to the door, especially in a 'talking' appointment (what is that anyway??!). It is so important to start off on a good foot. Still, I think you are right to give her the benefit of the doubt. And can I just say it shows how nice of a person you are to be willing to do so!! :)

    Hopefully you will feel better after the next appointment. Definitely push on the anxiety/depression issue. It's important!

    Good luck with your busy weekend!

    Hugs - Heidi

  2. Good luck with the doctor doc was really nice, but it was at the high-risk clinic at Mt. Sinai, and since my pregnancies were only technically high-risk and I sailed through both, he really didn't have time for me. He'd look over my chart, tell me I was his most boring patient (but in this sense, boring is a good good thing!) and leave. And I'd wait hours for that! And then, he was one of 12 doctors on rotation for deliveries, and he was actually the doctor on duty for Bad's delivery, but Bad was born after 2 pushes, exactly 4 minutes after they broke my water, so the resident delivered him. My doc strolls in as I'm nursing my boy and I looked up and said, "YOu're late! Again!"

    Just make sure that you're comfortable with the hospital - it's the nurses and residents who you'll really be spending time with!

  3. I had a different doctor with each of my kids - always looking for a better one. Do find one you LOVE - good luck!

    Thanks for your continued prayers for our sweet baby - have a great weekend - Kellan

  4. I have the hardest time advocating for myself when it comes to doctors. I become so meek and compliant that it makes me sick (I am not saying that is how you were). I just know what it is like to leave an appointment and wish you had said and done things differently.

    I understand your anxieties all too well. And I was shocked to discover during my subsequent pregnancy (Pumpkin) how few OB's and Perinatologists are actually all that understanding about how stressful a pregnancy after a loss can be. They were as bad as everyone else basically saying to me, "Oh, it will be fine this time." It infuriated me and made me feel small at the same time.

    I will be praying you land with the right doctor to see you through this pregnancy with the kind of support you need.

    Oh, and I know I'm a broken record... but I just don't know how you manage homeschooling. It just amazes me. And now you had to throw homemade playdough on top of my already heaping admiration!

  5. I hope your next experience at your doc's office goes better. My practice had the 5 doc rotation thing, and I didn't mind the meeting with the different doctors, but the wait was always ridiculous. Here there are just so many more pregnant women than there are OBs.
    Hope you had fun at the hockey game!

  6. I'm way too practical too! I never buy the kids treats at events like that.

    Thanks for sharing the playdough recipe.

    Oh, I hate that when I go to a doctor (and pay for it) that doesn't spend the time listening to my concerns! I hope it all works out.

    Man, that stinks about the snow. We had a decent day today in the 50's. It's supposed to rain and possibly snow tomorrow, but Sunday is supposed to be nice. I hope the weather guys are right.

  7. Ah yes . . we Mamas sort of get shuttled about the great big hospital factory these days. I hope the birth lands on a lucky star and kind soul for you. I'm new here but it looks like you've got a life full of children, everywhere.

  8. Thanks for coming by. Hope you are having a good weekend and I'll see you soon. Kellan

  9. Oh, I'm sorry about the doctor thing too.

    I love, LOVE, love my ob/gyn. I didn't want to see his partners at all! But, their policy was: you see all 4 throughout your pregnancy. It was a good thing that I got to meet them all in the event that any of them delivered my baby! One ended up circumcising Gage, and another one dc'd me from the hospital...but, I had my OB/Gyn when we went in for preterm labor, and then again when Gage was born. I was so glad!

    If someone blows you off b/c of anxiety related to this pregnancy, feel free to switch! There are other docs out there that would appreciate your situation, and appreciate your business.

    When we lost a baby last July, I just seriously could not imagine going through all of that without my ob/gyn & his staff. They were wonderful to us.

  10. Ugh, sorry about the doctor. I hate when they are like that!

    Thanks for posting that play dough recipe. I always wonder which one to use and have never done it. I think this will give us something to do tomorrow.

  11. My OB's practice was like that, and sometimes I loved it, but by the end, when I had had ENOUGH, I wished I had been able to see my doctor.

  12. NO ONE should rush you out the door like that. Sheesh. I hope you're not going through prenatal depression. Know that I'm here -- and I'm, like, the poster girl for prenatal depression! Feel well! And, you're almost through your 1st trimester, so you should feel better emotionally, too, soon!

    Hiding in a room to read a book? Nice! Nice idea! ;)

  13. I had a midwife team where I kept seeing different ones. Never failed the ones I loved I only saw once, the ones I didn't love ... delivered me. Sigh.

  14. Aw sweetie and I wasn't even there to pick you up from your appointment:( Stupid doctor!

    Hey, good on you getting some school work done:) You know how well things have been going over here in that regard! I'm proud of you! Actually getting something done with you two little ones is a feat of great proportions :)

    oh and we're all booked in - yay! Can't wait to see you guys!

  15. Ha! My daughter has figured out that outings like that with Daddy are much more fruitful than with Mommy! $10 for a bag of cotton candy? Um... no.

    Good luck with the Dr. thing. I hate to feel rushed and ignored.

  16. Your relationship with your doctor is any relationship a woman wants to not be rushed and to feel like she was heard....especially in any relationship where she will be showing someone her va-jay-jay.


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