Settling in...

Our baby son is now 1 week old and we are starting to get into a groove together. My body is healing, I can actually sit for an hour or so now! Baby Zed is even starting to sleep a bit. Last night he went 5 or 6 hours after we all went to bed before rousing for a feed. I haven't been getting up and changing him or turning on lights with him at night. I just move him and roll over to nurse on the other side and try to go back to sleep. Apparently this is working well.

After his long sleep, he was wet through and I had to change him, but he settled back down nicely. Monkey boy had awoken and tucked in beside us. The second time Zed awoke, Girly was trying to crawl into bed with us too. Daddy took Monkey boy back to bed and laid with him for a while and I tried to get Girly and Zed back to sleep. So Zed is sleeping fine, but the rest of us are kinda losing out.

Monkey boy and Girly are having a hard time adjusting. Girly has had meltdowns each day since Baby Zed's arrival. Usually because I can't do something for her immediately or someone has told her no. Monkey is just as emotional and being obstinate about most everything. I am trying to reassure them by keeping our traditions like making sure I am the one to sing lullabies every night, no matter what. I encourage them to come and cuddle when I am nursing and ask them to bring stories, but Monkey mostly wants to stay away until I put Zed down.

Once in a while he laments, "Why is Baby still nursing?" He wants baby away from Mommy for a little while, and Monkey would really like to be able to feed Zed. Monkey keeps asking me if he can feed his food to Baby. yikes.

Girly, on the other hand, can't leave Zed alone. She wants to smother him with mothering. She has to touch him and name all his parts. In the hospital, she would tell anyone who would listen that, "That is MY baby!", "I am a big sister!", and my favourite, "MY baby has a PENIS!"
It is fun that she adores him so much, but I definitely have to be on watch all the time. If I put Zed down to shower or something, I have to lock Girly out of the room. She isn't always so gentle.

The big boys are doing well, they have been super helpful and love to cuddle their baby brother. Superboy has surprised me with his adeptness at handling Zed. He can pick baby up and adjust his hold like an old pro. He is not nervous at all and doesn't tire of cuddling baby. This is a huge change since the last 2 babies we brought home. The Boy is a bit more unsure, even though he is older. But loving just the same.

Thank you all for your prayers and congratulations, I have treasured each and every comment. I have enjoyed cocooning at home with my babies, taking little treks out in the sun. I don't imagine I will have a lot of computer time in the near future, but am trying to check in with you guys here and there.
Oops, poopy sounds coming from Zed's direction, gotta run, til next time...

credit: Emily Power, New Life


  1. look he does have your teeny little nose!
    I'm so glad it's going well. It was wonderful to talk to you today.
    Love you lots:)
    I wish I could cuddle him....

  2. What a sweet picture! I love how he's pursing his little lips. Glad you guys are all getting into a groove. I'm sure it's a big adjustment for everyone. Feel better soon!

  3. So glad to hear that you and your beautiful boy are getting settled in and he is just darling!!! Take care and congratulations to your and your husband - he is precious! Kellan

  4. Sounds like everyone is adjusting somewhat. It will take some time I'm sure. He's such a doll face, that Zed! : )

    And hello!? 5 or 6 hours of sleep already? Sounds like the best baby EVER to me! ; )

  5. He is so beautiful! I'm glad your are settling in. I remember when I brought home kasi, ryan was only 18 months old. He walked over to her swing, and smacked her in the face! lol! I'm happy to hear the kiddos are adjusting.

  6. Wow- one week already? We wait and wait forever, it seems, for babies to get here- then once they are here, time flies by

    Hope things settle down to routine soon.

  7. What a cutie pie! Hang in's all an adjustment period with the younger's great the the older boys are doing so well with him. Build in babysitters! :)

  8. He looks just like you, my friend. Seriously adorable kids!

  9. He is absolutely beautiful! I can't stop looking at his pic and smiling.

    I know you are enjoying every minute! :)

  10. beautiful! Sounds like a challenge with all your other little munchkins. Good luck in the settling in and transitioning.


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