My day off.

I am sorry for neglecting you my beautiful blog friends!

My weekend and week have been just crazy. I can hardly believe it is already Thursday, I feel like it should be Monday still. I have been up and out of my house every day by 6:30 am, running all day and falling into bed at night, exhausted. My poor belly has been all tight and achy and sore. My eyes can barely focus on anything, especially not my computer screen. Living on lattes when you are six months pregnant is probably not a good thing.

So today I am taking it easy. I told my dh last night that I am staying in bed all day. I woke up with him at 6 and then I went back to sleep until after 9:30. I got up and fed some kids, including the one I am incubating, and now I am sitting in my super comfy bed with my computer.
I am going to stay away from coffee today, take some naps and read stories with my kids. I am also hoping to catch up with all of you. I have been checking my blog reader everyday and trying to visit a couple of you, but I am falling further and further behind.

If I am not going to caffeinate with coffee today, I may need a few pots of tea. Tea has way less caffeine. That way I can have more!

I saw my obstetrician for the first time yesterday. She was terrific, very young, but wonderful. She explained everything to me in a very matter-of-fact, scientific way that I really appreciated. She didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but I am fine with that. It seems that I will be having a beginning of August baby as opposed to a beginning of September baby though. Unless God sees fit to have my uterus move that placenta out of the way before then.

They will do amnio at 36 weeks to determine baby's lung maturity, and if it looks good they will do the cesarean soon after. I may try to talk to them about putting that off a bit. I have never gone into labour on my own before, (this is what they want to avoid, because a dilating cervix would mean placental separation and bleeding) so I think it would be safe to push back the delivery to at least 37 + weeks. I guess we will see how things go.

She also told me that I am not to do any traveling unless my ultrasound shows that my placenta is clear of my cervix by 2 cm. So it is looking more and more like I will not be able to go to the lake with my family and Shay's like we have planned all year. Sucks. We had to cancel our ski trip this winter and now I may still not get to see them. All I can do about that is pray. My ultrasound is on the 11th, so that is d-day for my trip.

I will be very disappointed, but I am also okay with doing what is best for baby and I. Shay said she will come and see me after baby comes, so that will make up for a multitude of disappointments, for me anyway. I will feel pretty guilty about all the extra work for Shay if my dh and kids all go to the lake and she is the only mommy there. Yikes. But at least our kids will all be happy. They adore each other and miss each other terribly.

Okay, I'd better get off of here for a minute and get my kids going on their day. And then make my bloggy rounds.


  1. It's too bad you can't go, but I'm sure knowing your kids are having a great time will make it easier on you.

  2. HUGS to you...I know it is hard and frustrating to have to change plans...but the end result is a healthy mommy and newborn...and that is all that counts...HUGS!

  3. Good for you for taking it easy - be good to you and your wee one.

  4. Please please please slow down and get more rest and take care of yourself and that baby.....I worry about you. I'm sorry you may not get to go on your trip, but there will be many more trips and you know what you have to focus on right now. hugs to you.

  5. you know I don't mind hon! I will miss you terribly but we want a safe healthy delivery for you.
    We'll wait until the 11th and pray and just go with whatever happens:)
    Love you!

  6. August is a wonderful month to be born.

  7. Hoping all your prayers are answered!


  8. I'm glad you took the day off to rest - it sounds like you are over-doing it! Take care of yourself and that little precious baby. See you - Kellan

  9. um. okay. so here's a question. i keep seeing dh on people's blogs. first i thought it was husband's initials, then thought, well how many husbands can all have the same initials. so now all i'm left with is probably something that happily married people wouldn't call their spouses.

  10. Sorry Katydidnot! I don't have an email for you, so I will answer you here.
    Dh is for dear husband. It can be taken in a slightly sarcastic tone, but I don't mean it that way. usually. ds for dear son and dd for dear daughter are also common. I got in the habit of using those short forms while texting/chatting online. I hadn't really even realized I was using them on my blog. Bad, bad, writing. oops!

  11. Awhhh I hope you get to go!! Good luck at the ultrasound!! :)

  12. Yes you need to take it easy! Get lots of R&R. Hope the ultrasound goes well and you can hold off until closer to Sept rather than August.

  13. priority ONE is having a live and healthy baby and a live and healthy mom at the end of the journey.

    As much as it stinks to put off a much anticipated vacation, god knows we all need them, there will always be next time.

    Hugs to you.

    PS, you can order your latte's DECAF ;) They can make them that way.


  14. Sometimes what we want to hear isn't what is best. Pray and have patience.

  15. So sorry things are so out of your control. That is difficult. It sounds like you have a good and caring doctor. I'll be thinking good thoughts and sending prayers that you might get to go to the lake and that the placenta will rise on its own.

  16. Oh, your plans for the day sound HEAVENLY. I hope you were able to truly rest and enjoyed every single deserved second of it!!! I am praising God for your peace even though you got different news than you ultimately hoped for. I am so hoping that all the extra precautions mean your baby comes out in complete health, smiling and thriving! And I hear you on the lake plans. I SO feel for you. We have had so many plans messed up lately and will probably do nothing outside our own backyard this summer, but that's just the season we're in, I guess. Get some more rest while you can!!! Have a great weekend!

  17. I am sorry you will have to miss your trip but you gotta take it easy girl. Sounds like you have already started. Tea sounds good, I may have to go make some now before I head off to bed.

    Hope you are having a good weekend...

  18. Girl, you just take care of that precious little one! I know what you mean about falling further and further behind. Since I hurt my back, I feel the same way, but your friends love you anyway and will wait to hear from you when you feel better. I hope you don't have to have the C-section until 37 weeks or later!

    Take care of yourself, my friend - Sniz


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