Lullaby and Goodnight

Tonight I was singing lullabies to my little ones, as I do every night. Girly sings along when I sing Jesus Loves Me, but she says, "we are Greek (should be weak), but you are strong..." Gave me a little secret smile.
They wanted more songs tonight, different than our usuals. Girly wanted songs about heaven, I guess because it was Kalila's sixth birthday yesterday and we have been talking about heaven. She is really stuck on it actually, I have had dozens of conversations with her recently about death and heaven. It is kind of hard because she can't really understand what any of it means, but she wants to know where her big sister is. How do you explain to a 2 year old that she can't see her big sister because she lives in heaven with Jesus. And the only way to get there is to die. I have been doing my best, but yikes!
Anyway, I could only come up with one song about heaven on that short notice, so I told her I would sing another about Jesus. I started to sing:
Name above all names.
Beautiful Savior,
Glorious Lord.
God is with us.
Blessed Redeemer,
Living Word.

Two lines in, my Monkey Boy pipes up, "Hey, I know this song!"
I smiled and nodded at him.
"I know it from when I was a baby!"
He is exactly right. When he was a very small baby and he would be up in the middle of the night and crying inconsolably, I was sing that song quietly, over and over again. As much to calm my own spirit as to quiet him.
I have to tell you that I was a little freaked out as well as elated that he remembered that. I am sure I must have sang it around him since, but I honestly can't remember doing it.

Oh, I have to write this down. Every night when I am putting the two of them to bed (they still share a room) they say prayers. When Monkey boy prays he always says, "... and thank you Jesus I love Mommy and Girly..."
And Girly always pipes up right away and says, "Awww, Monkey! You yuv me?" Just as if she had never heard those words before and had no idea that her big brother loves her to pieces. They are adorably great friends.

I have a birthday post for Kalila in the works, but I can't find my journal and I really want to check my post against what I wrote then, so I should have it up later this week.

I also have a post about the winner of my birthday giveaway to put up tonight. I will get it up, I promise!


  1. If you figure out the perfect way to explain all of that, please pass it along! It's funny because Pumpkin started asking me if she has a sister the other day- completely out of the blue. I guess she has picked up on more than I thought. When I told her that yes, she has a sister named Molly in Heaven with God, she nodded sagely. As though she knew that all along and understood perfectly. Sometimes little children really do seem so much more in tune with the Divine.

    I look forward to reading your post for Kalila. I should have remembered that she and Little T share their special day. I will say a special prayer for your sweet girl right now.

  2. You're awesome, Triple M!

    That's so cool about your son remembering that song. Kinda weird and neat to think about.

    TTYS - Sniz

  3. Is Monkey Boy the same as R on your HSing blog?? How many kids do you have?? I am confused LOL

    I am SO sorry about your baby girl:( I cannot imagine that at all. You must be SO EXCITED to be pregnant again?? I wish I was:( I would love to have a few more. My daughter is totally desperate for a younger sibling. I thank God daily for the ones He has given me though:)

    So just in quickly skimming your blog, are you going by Jessie and Susan Wise Bauer's "The Well Trained Mind" for your classical educating of your kids or something else?? I am going to start that but am lost since my oldest is almost 16!?!? He missed so much of that, but is anxious to at least start Latin. I am getting things ordered for it all and cannot wait to get started. I wish I had done so years ago, but just never really paid much attention even though I had heard of the book.

    Would you rather I ask you about this on your HSing blog?? I hope you can help me! :)

    BTW, I LOVE that song you were singing that your son remembered. I didn't dare do that when my babies were small, I was worried I would frighten them. I have a horrible voice and cannot carry a tune! LOL

  4. Wow! Awesome that he remembered the song. I haven't heard that one in ages myself and now I'm singing along.

    Love the cute little story of their bedtime prayers. They are so sweet together!

  5. I, too, think it is amazing that Monkey remembered that song. My boys have done that occasionally, too - remembered a house they left when they were 1, etc.

    Is it simply that we forget as we get older?

    I am looking forward to reading the post about your Kalila, Kristen!

    Hugs to you - Heidi

  6. He remembered! Once in a while my kids remember something they "shouldn't." I like to think it's because it meant so much to them.

    That explanation fits here, doesn't it?

  7. You have the best stories about your kids! That is so great that they love each other like that, and I love the Greek bit. Makes me look forward to the funny things we'll hear Little Elvis say.

  8. Your children are so very sweet and wonderful. They bring tears to my eyes.

    Can't wait to read your post about Kalila, darlin'.

  9. That is so sweet. When my kids are sick or sad they still ask for me to sing to them on occassion...I used to sing Amazing Grace to comfort them when they were little.

  10. Sometimes my kids remember things I don't. And I thought kids don't remember much. They do. Little ears and eyes catch things and remember so much.

    I used to sing Beautiful Dramer and Hush LIttle Baby. I sing badly off key, but babies don't care, right?

  11. Your posts always touch my heart and remind me what a beautiful person you are!
    love you

  12. What a sweet memory that the monkey holds close. How lucky you are to get to share together....

  13. and I missed her birthday...sorry!
    I remember that day so well...Bless you girl. Can six years have really gone by?!
    I love that kids deal with things in such a concrete way.

    Oh and they have wet suits at Costco. I"m going to get them at the end of the week! I think we'll need em!

  14. I forgot about that song. Thanks for reminding me, I'll have to sing it to the girls tonight

  15. A little girl asking the big brother whether he loves her... sweet!


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