Happy Sad day

You are all way too sweet! I have so appreciated reading all your lovely birthday wishes. Thank you so much.

My birthday was totally strange. It was a wonderful day spent with my family, and I was excited to have my special day and my new age. But I spent the entire day in tears. Just random, weird, tears.


My little Monkey boy was so excited for it to be my birthday, he spent the entire day whining to me that he needed some help to make my cake. I kept telling him to talk to his brothers since they wanted to do it with him. They didn't find time til about 7pm. Poor Monkey. Poor Mommy's brain from the constant whining. By the time it was iced, we didn't even cut into it, we were all exhausted and in our beds!

My Girly was also kind of whiny, but I tried to enjoy my quiet time with them and trying to keep the preschoolers from each other's throats.

Thankfully it was warm out, so they all spent time outside.

Dh is working 12 hour nights, no days off, so he slept through the whole day til about 3:30pm. I think a big part of my sadness was missing him. Wanting to share my day as well as the child rearing responsibilities with my husband. I find night shift even more difficult than working out of town. He is right in the house with us all day, but he can't participate in our day. And then he is gone during he difficult hours of dinner and bed. I am so thankful that he is in town though, and I can go sneak a cuddle with him for a few minutes during the day. Until the kids find me. Poor Daddy!

For dinner we did make it to the park. It was over 20 degrees Celcius, (70 F), gorgeous and sunny. We picked up all the requisite picnic items and cooked our meal over the open fire. It was a perfect way to begin spring. And exactly what I wanted to do for my birthday. The kids ran around in the woods, getting good and muddy and picking up thistles in their hair. The boys had a snowball fight with their Dad who was wearing shorts, unfortunately. They had found a big patch of unmelted snow.

We even got to have our s'mores! I realized that as an adult, 1 s'more is more than enough. Holy sugar batman!

Dh went into work late, so he could put the kids to bed for me. (it had nothing to do with me crumpling into a sobbing heap the minute we got back in the door. Life seems a bit overwhelming at times!) I so appreciated it, but I couldn't stop crying long enough to say a cheery good bye to him. I feel awful because every time he called, all night, I ended up in tears. Poor guy, I think he felt pretty awful that he couldn't help me feel better.

I honestly had a wonderful day, I loved every moment with my family, I really don't know why I was weepy. I just was. And by the next day I was fine again. I am all good now. I got up on Sunday, taught Sunday School on my own, smiling and laughing with the kids. Brent's family took me out for lunch and I chattered and laughed with them, even though Brent was home sleeping. Terrific birthday weekend.

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  1. Sending you lots and lots of birthday hugs. I can imagine how emotional and draining your day must be...I always find it ironic how it is emotionally easier to cope with parenting stuff when hubby is totally unavailable than when he is half-available. For example - the bewitching dinner-prep hour (or 3) is stressful no matter what - but when I know that I am for sure on my own for all of it - say hubby will be home after bed time or is out of town - I tend to pace myself better than when I am wondering when he will be home...does that make sense???

    I am sending you lots of birthday hugs and bloggy-love....and just know that whinny kids, long days, special days and hormones usually are a recipe for disaster!!!


  2. Awww...Kristen, I just want to reach through the screen and HUG you!

    I don't doubt it is very hard on you at the moment. Is your husband going to continue working nights? Handling the kids on your own every day of the week is a lot - and you are pregnant on top of it all.

    You sound like you could use a break...any chance of getting someone in to lend a hand, if only for a few hours?

    I wish I could help...but Norway is kinda far away!

    Hang in there, sweetie.

    Hugs - Heidi

  3. I had a cry day Saturday- and I am not even pregnant. So don't feel so bad

  4. I completely understand cry days, and know that really nothing can take the weepys away. They just have to go away on their own. It sounds like you had a nice time, but I think it would be really hard with your husband working the night shift and not being able to help out that much during the day or at night. I hope he gets off the night shift soon -- this was part of the things changing for the better thing you wrote about the other day, right? I'll be thinking about you this week.

  5. Sounds like a pretty good birthday.

    Life is overwhelming these days, isn't it?

  6. Awe . . . hugs x 10 to you. I've been that sobbing heap on the floor more times than I can count.

    It sure sounds like that schedule is tough, but I'm so happy you had some quality time together. You so clearly deserve it!

  7. I'm not sure what it is about birthdays,mother's day, valentine's day...that bring out the tears.

    I'm glad you had a good although teary day. I meant to phone you all day but never go to it...I'm sorry!

    I'm glad your day was special!

  8. You are so right about the S'mores! And when you were a kid you thought you'd eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when you grew up.

    I hope the teariness passes; life can be overwhelming when your feeling like you're doing it alone.

  9. Here's a big birthday hug! Isn't it weird how some days you're just weepy even though everything is fine? Hope the DH gets a little free time for you guys soon. Enjoy your cake!

  10. sorry you cried so much, but glad hubby was able to at least go in a little late & put the kiddos in bed for you.

  11. As Laura said, I think it is even harder when your husband is at home, but not available. Everything is thrown off and there is a part of you that hopes he'll come be a part of things...And then there is hormones. And then there is...hormones. ;)

    Glad you had a good few days of celebrating, despite the tears. Happy, Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy belated birthday. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think it was kind of sweet of your boy to want to make your cake and couldn't wait. I know, the whining...

    Cookouts are fun. I love cookouts. Good weather, good company, good food, great day for a birthday. :)

  13. I'm so glad you had such a good birthday. Tears are allowed, especially for hormonal pregnant women.

  14. Aw, honey! *hugs* I have days like that and I'm not even pregnant.

    Sounds like a lovely day in spite of the hormones.


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