And it comes back to bite me in the ...

We have been trying to break our little people of a deadly whining habit. I am pretty sure this habit was ingrained in them because of a certain 10 year old boy in our home, the Superboy. He, as big brother and middle child, likes to rile his siblings up and keep things lively around here. The Monkey boy has always been a bit irritable and sensitive. So the mixture of those two has tended to be a bit toxic at times. Monkey's way of dealing with Superboy has often been piercing shrieks of 'MOM!' along with tortured cries of 'Superboooooiiiiyyyyy, stop it!' And for a few years I would go running and yell at Superboy to leave Monkey alone. Therefore perpetuating the whining.

So now we have a bit of a whining issue and we are dealing with it. One, by encouraging them to deal with their issues with each other, but in other ways as well. Like at bedtime when they want Mommy to brush their teeth instead of Daddy. Often there are tears and they say, "I waaannnnttt MOOOOOOMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!" Every time they did this we would tell them that they needed to ask politely and model how.

Now we just ask, "Then what should you do?"

"Ask nicely," they reply.

"Well then?"

"Mommy, will you please brush my teeth?"

And usually we say yes, or we make a compromise like 'Mommy will brush Girly's teeth tonight, and your teeth tomorrow night Monkey.'

And now I have a new problem.

Conversation this morning:
Girly heard that Daddy was going to H0me Dep0t. "Daddy, I want to come with you!"

"Go ask Mommy if she wants to come and if she says yes then you can come," Daddy replied.

"Mommy, will you come with us to H0me Dep0t?"

"I don't really want to go there Girly," I answered from my cozy bed where I was reading.

Girly excitedly informed me, "But you HAVE to Mommy!"

"Why do I have to Girly?"

"Because I asked you nicely," Girly sweetly replied.

And guess who went to H0me Dep0t.

We have created a monster. argh.


  1. That's so funny! I think I will try that tactic whenever I want to get out of some chore or something!

  2. Did you have fun at Home Depot? LOL! Reading sounds so much better than Home Depot. (:

  3. Whining & the like seem to be a universal kid thing these days! My two boys share a bedroom(one is 9 & the other is 4 1/2).. there is a lot of instigation on the oldest's part.. some from the youngest, too.

    I keep telling myself, "this to shall pass!" ;) That doesn't always make the migraines go away, but.. that's life!

    Take it easy & put your feet up!! You don't have too much longer before you get hold your precious little one! :) I love you, My Sweet Christian Sister!

  4. Oh, you poor dear. That age can be so exhausting.

  5. Uh Oh - HA! She gotcha!

    Have a good evening - Kellan

  6. Ugh, Sounds a little like my house. The oldest fight a lot right now. A few months ago when one came to tattle on the other for hitting him. I turned and quietly said, "hit him back. I dont care"

    Luckily he knew better and never responded in that manner.- but they had just pushed my limits that day

  7. Ooooh man that's a tough one, how do you solve that?

  8. hahahahahah she so totally has your number!
    I think i heart her even more!

    Wish me luck, I'm taking Kev shopping. They head out for Mexico on Sat! YIKES!
    Hugs and miss ya!


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