New Photos!

Check out my photo blog for some new pics of my cuties.

But I just set my photo blog to invite only because of some spam I have received. I feel weird about posting my kids pics on there and getting spam for dating sites. Please email me your email addy for an invite. I would love to share my photos with you guys!
I am also in the process of removing photos of my kids faces from this blog, but don't worry, I am reposting many of them on the photo blog. And I will have to find other photos to dress up my posts here:)


  1. Consider me?

    This is for you:

  2. Please hook me up. Thanks.

    Love, Bobbi

  3. I would love an invite!

  4. Hook a sista up! ;) I want photos! And, you know how I am about photos on the internet. The rascals internet-photo days are pretty much dunzo....

  5. Really? Spam for dating sites? On your comments or from your email? That's never happened to me and I've put photos of the kids up before. That's kind of freaky.
    Would you send me an invite?

  6. Hey, would love to see...

    Happy Sunday!


  7. PLEASE set me up! I LOVE seeing your


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